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Would you like to publish your book? Daily new epublishing jobs added. Support for e-publishing (journals and monographs). The company offers software solutions that enable publishing independent of the publisher. eEdit is a solution-oriented publishing house based in Chennai, India.

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We provide comprehensive project management service, starting with the reception of manuscripts by the writers, followed by reprinting, proof-reading, typesetting and typesetting, scripting, proof-reading, author release, up to delivery of print-ready data, involving collaboration with all parties involved (authors, production editors and printers) at all phases of the work. Text Editorial We take over the editorial work in both technology and languages.

Our services include soft-/hardcopy processing with/without customization. Please note that we are accepting data entry formats such as floppy diskettes or printouts. You can create the printout as a Microsoft Office file, whereby the changes can be made in any desired size. We provide not-XM fLow and customize the set of the documents.

One of the world' s largest e-publishing and digitization companies in Mumbai, INDIA

The Swift Information Technologies Pvt Ltd. has a solid track record of being one of the first and biggest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) centers in India. Swift' customers value its process-driven service provisioning through careful scheduling of work flow and supporting system, the right standards of excellence and supply, and the use of technologies as the foundation to deliver quicker, better and more cost-effective service to customers.

At Swift, we provide an off-shore outsourced service for all of your organization's information needs, including input, acquisition, image manipulation, form handling, OCR/ICR, conversion, electronic publishing and workflow workflows. We have extensive experience in information managment in the areas of healthcare, insurance, law, science, engineering, finance and market research.

The Swift Information Technologies Pvt Ltd. has integrated data protection for all business vital assets. A number of connections to the web with firewalls & anti-virus system, capactive force generators, uninterruptible electricity and standby system as well as branded computer and network structures enable us to provide uninterruptible services around the clock. 2. In addition, their skills are checked and introduced into corresponding ventures by means of tailor-made and tested teaching techniques.

The Swift Information Technologies Group adjusts on-the-job trainings for continual improvements to ensure sustainable services delivery. Qualitymanagement-system: Management of information security: During the processing of your personal information, we take the greatest possible precautions in compliance with the strictest safety regulations.

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