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A free training course shows you how to publish and start your first book yourself. Self publication platform for authors. We provide eBook creation, distribution & marketing services for authors and publishers. The eBook Publishing Service converts your book into the three most important eBook formats and includes the formatting and conversion processes. On Digital Book World, we track a weekly list of eBook bestsellers.

Like publishing an ebook: Author Ressources

The only thing that stays consistent in e-book Publishing is that it changes everything from content to marketing-stategies. Here I periodically refresh the best resource I know to learn how to post an e-book, find the right e-publishing vendors and service and keep up to date with changes in the business.

E-BookPartnership. If you don't want the headaches of creating your own e-book records, look out the e-BookPartnership service. When you publish a beautifully-designed work, such as a children's photo book, an advanced e-book, or a book with a hard copy format - where the text does not flow from page to page - you must either employ someone or use a dedicated web site to publish and distribute your work.

Again, if you need help with the preparation of your e-book data, try e-book partnership. Suppose you have e-book spreadsheets available to go, you have a selection to make: Do you prefer to negotiate directly with any on-line merchant, or would you rather contact them through an e-book sales team? Direct collaboration with e-merchants usually means better profit, more controls and more accessibility to market and promotional tool (but not always).

Dealing with e-book allocation utilities usually means giving up a percentage of your profit to the list, in return for the centralised Administration and that of managing all of your securities. A number of e-book dispensers can also obtain connections that you cannot on your own, such as the book store, and can provide you useful utilities to optimise book sales und book sales to you.

But the good thing is that you don't have to select between working directly with on-line merchants and using e-book vendors, because it's not common for any merchant to require exclusiveness. You can, for example, work directly with Amazon KDP to distribute your e-books on Amazon and then use an e-book distribution company such as Draft2Digital or Smashwords to contact other merchants.

Or, you can deploy directly to Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Nook (using their do-it-yourself portals) and then use Smashwords to cover the remainder of the industry (such as scribd and libraries). There is no right way, because it is dependent on your own schedule and your own ressources, your own book and your brand.

Amazon. Barnes & Noble Nook Press as the No. 2 e-book retail company in the USA. Self-released title's biggest e-book distribution list, which has been around the longest and has the broadest coverage, especially to the bookstores. If you are uploading your e-book to merchants, you need to create sturdy book specifications, research your best classes and key words and do whatever you can to enhance the chance that someone who sees your book page on Amazon will make a buy.

Far the toughest part of e-book publishing makes reader consciously your book does exist - then persuasive them to buy it. You wonder how you can get people (!) to read your book? With more than 1 billion people using Facebook, it can be an important part of your book marketer forums. Otherwise, there are several ways to find technical editing and technical support.

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