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It' only a few minutes from start to finish. Download Flip Book Maker for free. Turn PDF into a stunning Flash eBook with slide and animation effects. Here you can download the test version of our ebook maker for free. Give it a try and you will like it!

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Have you forgotten to use Ebook Maker? Please click on the below mentioned links to get it. The EbookMaker is a powerful Ebook-compiling application. You can easily share this data via CD-ROM, e-mail and web. The Ebook uses IE to view its HTML pages, so the reader does not need to open any other Ebook reader-interface.

EbookMaker is designed to be quick and intuitive to use, offering a wide range of functionality to satisfy any customer-specific requirements an Ebook writer may have for the graphical environment, functionality, content and more. Straightforward and straightforward to use: The step-by-step assistant allows a non-technical person to build an ebook in just a few mins.

You can use IE to view HTML pages with your e-book browser. The reader does not need to reinstall third parties' programs before read. Publishers can decide to create a condensed e-Book to minimize storage requirements and access time. Customise the e-book interface: Writers can specify the windows dimensions and location, the symbol, the start page, the dialogue and other messages.

Authors may forbid the reader from copy ing/printing pages or displaying HTML sources. In EbookMaker there is also a passwordgenerator for the writer to create user accounts in series. When opening Ebook, no temp files are made. All ebook pages are extracted, read and displayed in RAM, resulting in greater reliability and higher throughput.

Navigating through Ebook is very simple because it looks like you are using a web browsing application. The EbookViewer is supported by the integrated bookmarks and full text searching. Ebook Maker can be downloaded here for free. Same is valid for the information to the specified softwares.

Allow not the involvement of Ebook Maker seriell, keyboard or cracks and we decline any responsibility for improper use of Ebook Maker.

Complimentary eBook Cover Maker with templates

Every artwork is created to attract interest and maximise audience. Find the wallpaper that' s right for your eBook artwork without having to search a few photographic websites, worry about picture permissions and pay for the best pictures. Select from over 500,000 high-quality Stock Photographs, tens of contemporary designs, monochrome wallpapers or share your own pictures.

Manipulate sizes, colors, orientations, hiding power and more for over 70,000 different types of vectors. Modify the colour of graphs, forms, text and superimpositions with a click or by typing a hexcode. That makes it unbelievably straightforward to make eBook artwork. You can use a basic slide control to apply a colour layer, dim and blend your picture, and adjust the level of satiety, colour tone, lightness and contrasts of your picture.

Gain free admission to our complete collection of royalty-free photographs and images.

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