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Logbook applications

Keep Truckin is fully compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations. It is important that a logbook app does not automatically record information. A list of registered ELDs can be found here:

gov/ELD/List. Do you have to print the logbook every day when DOT asks for your logbook? Operating hours and DVIR documentation for DOT inspections to maintain compliance.

Keep Truck Electronic Logbook

Write your operating time on your phone or tray - a FREE digital protocol. Keep Truckin is fully in compliance with FDA and DOT requirements. Built-in notebook with optional ELD interface (Bluetooth or USB). I' m in violation. See your weekly working time and the available lessons today and in the KeepTruckin app.

It is also possible to send the protocols to an employee by e-mail or facsimile free of charge. If you have any queries, call our 24/7 customer service or mail us! lorry application for the ELD client. Android 4.3 or higher, as well as all iPhones and iPad with iOS 9.0 or higher. KeepTruckin ELD and AOBRD solutions negligibly.

For the first timestamp logbook applications allowed by FCSA

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has updated the legal guidelines for logbook applications such as smartphones apps. This is the first system that allows forwarders to use these apps instead of a logbook, provided they can digitally subscribe to their service state. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has taken a big leap towards decreasing the amount of papermaking car driver that need to car around by giving their opinions on online logbook related utilities.

Distinctive from e-on-board recorders and e-logging devices, these utilities are best characterized by the many logbook applications for smart phones and tablet devices. FMCSA has decided to eliminate this mess by publishing new guidelines. The guide, which has been released in the Federal Register this weekend, is not in the guise of a standard ordinance but provides a general survey of how law officers should consult records electronically.

Your application or application must enable an online signature. In the event that an e-signature is not possible, the operator must printout and manually signature the report. The prosecution authorities have been instructed to allow riders to do so if they see an unsigned digital protocol. These apps are very different from ELDS and EOBRs.

It is important that a logbook application does not log information for you. The apps are a literal substitute for the printed logbook, as they are a chart raster that drivers can use to follow their time. Such apps have been around for several years. As a result, there is no longer a main requirement that has blocked the widely used introduction of electronical recording technology, in which the protocols had to be available in the driver's own-handprint.

This policy was created with the intent to prevent logbook scams. It also seeks to harmonise the guidelines published in 2011, which permitted the computerisation and signing of other recordings but, in particular, did not contain hourly duty reports. This outdated manual in 49 CFR Part 395. These amendments to the guidelines should certainly be seen as a transitional step to promote the use of the computer logbook until the ELD regulation comes into force at the beginning of the year.

It was a strange coincidence that the agency would in the meantime prohibit the use of other electrical protocols, as the FMCCSA proposes that everyone should use an electrical equipment within the next few years. The ELD is permanently connected to the car and transmits the information to a portable unit.

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