Dorrance Publishing Company

The Dorrance Publishing House

The Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc. is a self-publisher based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With Dorrance, why release? We have a straightforward philosophy: the liberty to post should be accessible to anyone who has something to say. It is as worth publishing a multimillion-dollar volume as a few are.

We work with you to create a turn-key publishing suite - which includes full-service publishing and delivery as well as restricted or full-service promotions - that's right for your work.

The Dorrance Group is America's oldest publishing company. Gordon Dorrance, our company founders, had the vision of becoming a writer, but conventional publishing houses refused him. There is no need for an assistant to file your script with Dorrance - we eliminate the middleman and check all files in person. Conventional publishing houses do not accept unasked scripts, so you are often at the expense of an agent's tastes and workloads.

A prepayment is required for the publication of your work. Conventional publishing houses do not charge prepayments and you can even get an advanced payment of emoluments. You will, however, loose any kind of artistic controls to the publishing house, as it holds the copyright to your work. No need to have a finished script to work with Dorrance.

A Dorrance Writing Coach or Ghost Writer can help you complete and make your text. It' s not often that a publishing house has only an original concept or a half-finished work. Indeed, many publishing houses do not actually embrace partial work. You can hold a notebook in your hand pretty quickly, according to how much work you need to put into your work.

Comercial publishing is a long and sluggish business for you. Your work may take weeks or even years to print. If you are selling ledgers, you are earning a much higher proportion of the turnover. Comercial publishers can charge less than 10% of net revenue. With over 100 years of publishing expertise, we are the oldest publishing services company in the state.

Dorrance has the same level of expertise and durability as any other publishing group. We' re personally involved in your work to make sure that your last play is the one you always wanted to do. Others have a tendency to subject all their writers to a standardized submission procedure, regardless of the unique nature of the author's work.

We believe that we keep in touch with our writers in every way we can. You will be supervised by a Dorrance Co-ordinator. The majority of publishers are just trying to get writers through the doors just to force them out on the other side. Authoring staff will help you get your book into the reader's hand.

You will not be guided through any advertising activities by other businesses. It is often up to the author to find out the scenery for himself. Dorrance designs and produces all its publications in the United States. The majority of publishing houses will relocate their work abroad to reduce manufacturing cost.

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