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The Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc. is a self-publisher based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They think it's a scam and they think a publisher would only take the percentage of my profits. Full service production, promotion and distribution of your book! www. Dorrance Publishing's latest tweets (@DorranceBooks). Watch how employees say it is to work at Dorrance Publishing.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is a publishing service provider? Publishers take all the necessary stages to create and launch a complete work. Authors pay a charge that includes the costs of machining, page and artwork, print and bind ings, as well as restricted promotions, order processing and other administration work.

How does Dorrance differ from other publishing providers? Dorrance writers profit from our turn-key, proven and individual point of view, which allows writers to enjoy the excitement of publishing for almost 100 years. You will work directly with your own full-time Dorrance project coordinator in the USA.

He or she is committed to making sure that the definitive work is the one you' ve always wanted to do. When the publishing is finished, you will work with an authoring staff member to lead you through the advertising and help you get your books into the reader's hand. Our publishing house packs can be adapted to any type of publication.

As soon as we have your script, you will receive a full range of services from us in which the royalties are listed. We will also sketch the general manufacturing specification of your product and how long it will take before it is ready. Will I need a finished script? With Dorrance, we want to speak to you wherever you are in the publishing world.

When you have an ingenuity but need help with the completion of your script, we can work with you to create your text in a professional manner. Find out more about our manuscripts production service. When you are in the final stages of finalising your work, please feel free to get in touch with us to start talking about the publication of your work when it is ready.

When your script is finished, please send it to us for evaluation. Publisher agreements can only be offered for finished scripts. Our Writing Coach Programme is for you if you are working on your books but have the feeling that you need a little help and guidance. What is the procedure? As soon as you have submitted your script, it will be reviewed by our staff (see our section "Take each manuscript?").

Upon acceptance, we will provide you with a full suggested release describing how we will deal with publishing your work and what it will be. By accepting our offer, you give back the agreement that you have just concluded together with the first instalment and we will get to work! You take every script? It is our right to refuse work that is not suitable for our business.

Is it necessary to protect my work with Dorrance by copyrights? No, after publishing, two photocopies of your work will be submitted on your behalf to the Library of Congress Register of Copyrights to obtain a certificate of register. Copyrights are in your name, not Dorrance's.

It is not necessary to formally register the copyrights before submitting them to Dorrance. Dorrance, as a serious, trustworthy enterprise, will not use any materials that have been made available to us without your inscription. The Dorrance writers get a percent of the selling value of each of the books they sell. Dorrance is something you should continue with because you want to see your work in printing, not because of expectations of sell.

Usually, self-published titles do not make enough money from selling to offset the costs of publishing. What is the best way to promote my work? We take over a clearly delimited, restricted support programme that is specially tailored to your publication, as described in your publishing agreement. We' also provide extra advertising options to take your product advertising to the next stage.

Find out more about our services and then get in touch with your Publishing Services representative to talk about what's right for you.

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