Do your own Book

Make your own book

What makes your manuscript look like a book? They cannot create their own templates or layouts. An editor who's crazy about you and satisfies your every whim. Some free or paid online tools are available to help you do better. You can order your book as it is or personalise it with your own finish.

Write and publish your own book

You may have already authored your book, but there are some juridical questions you may not have thought of. Are your works protected by copyright? But if not, how do you make sure that no one plagiarizes your work? Are the slander rules - have you slandered anyone in your book? Publisher, self-publisher, printer and self-builder:

Which four possibilities do you have when you have finished your book? Do''s and Don'ts of the publisher's work. Felonious mistakes that make sure your book never gets sold and how to prevent them. Customize your own book: What makes your script look like a book?

The basic idea is to cast the volume of your book, the number of sections and the script into a proper number. Envelope and back of the envelope: Creating a book artwork - front, back and spines. Writing a back flap and what to put on your back.

Getting a creative designer to create a book jacket. eBooks and Format; What is the distinction between printed and eBooks? What is the format? Things you need to do before you format your e-book. How can you resell your e-book? Publication on Amazon: Overcome the complexity of your book publication on Amazon for free.

Writing and publishing an author page on Amazon. As you can use their free advertising parcels. As the system works, so your book will be the top 10 pages of Amazon and a bestseller in its area. Getting your boyfriends to review your book.

Getting your book into the catalog of every big bookstore in the word, from Easons in Dublin to Barnes and Nobles in New York. Attracting the attention of Librarians around the Global. Navigating the tax mine field on Amazon and avoiding having to pay US tax on your 30% royalty.

With your book available all over the globe, what kind of advertising tools you can use to get the advertising it needs. So what are the web gimmicks that can bring you free news reports around the globe? Just as $5 you can get worldwide advertising and make your name as an writer splash all over the web.

I' ve authored and released over twenty novels, two of which are bestsellers in their fields; I' ve authored and edited three fiction movies and a full-length film and received scholarships for their work from the Arts Council and the Irish Film Board.

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