Do you need a Publisher to Sell a Book

Need a publisher to sell a book?

It will continue to be so. Learn the art of selling. So why would anyone buy your book? To get the publisher's attention, you need to take the right steps. E-books have no initial costs and are easy to distribute, so they are basically pure profit.

Will I need a publisher to release my book?

Publish is simpler than ever. Selling is simpler than ever. So why would anyone buy your book? Aside from the conversation, what could your book do to them? Except for amusing, because you will find a million films, billion of video and trillion mems to amuse yourself. Why buy your book?

If you can't find that, why hard enough, your book isn't finished yet. Write your book again.

The publishing houses turned me down, but I earned six-figure amounts by sellin' 1,000 copies a year.

Having not known for years how next month's bill would be settled, mystery novelist Mark Edwards is one of a new and expanding ranks of high-earning writers who have broken away from conventional editorial channels and released their works on-line. "By the time I was 23, I began to write and tried to be released, no one had ever known about Amazon," says Mr Edwards, now 46.

"I' ve written four or five fiction in the next five years and tried to find an operative all this while. Then as now, authors need operatives who place their work in front of the editors who keep the keys to the bookstores. It was in the later nineties that he finally got an operative, but it was the first of many fake twilights.

Until 2001 he did not yet have a bookstore, was "disposed of" by the agents and was back at the beginning. The station had the right to turn the book into a TV comedy. "but it was the first amount of cash I'd ever made writing," he says.

Throughout his free mr. Edwards was running a full-time gig. Finally, he got a real likable position with a publisher in London, which was another one. Happier at work, he was quickly upgraded and spending less and less and less and less and less money on his work. Then in 2010, Amazon started its popular Kindle e-book scanner in the UK.

Childle Direct Publishing, the most popular publication, offers two licensing opportunities for writers. Luise and I chose to release Killing Cupid, the book the BBC never did anything with. Finally, the book made the Top 100 in the Kindle Chart. Within a few month the book was in first and second place on the bestseller lists.

These were the first self-publishers in Britain to take first place at Amazon. That was when Mr Edwards determined to take the leap. Dismissed his profession forever and left London for the West Midlands, where ownership was less expensive to concentrate on typing. The bookstores were full of sexy novels' "Summer 2012 was probably the poorest moment to publish a book.

When the third book, All Case Down, was done to be made public, the dealing got mad. Edwards had his big ragged breakthrough, he couldn't sleep at night. With one last roll of the cubes, he was updating a book he had begun for a decade but never completed. He has since written six book solos and distributed over two million copies.

Purchasing now over 100,000 a year, Edwards has purchased a larger home and started saving into a retirement for the first theater. He' receives emoluments from the first four Amazon publications every month, but it's hard to tell how much he's going to earn beyond next year or so.

He' s afraid that the audience' craving for the mystery novel category is dwindling. The latest book by Mark Edwards - The Chucky Ones - will be released this weekend.

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