Do work that Matters

Work what matters

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The work that counts

On Twitter I asked people what kind of challenge they face when it comes to doing good work. I' m afraid I' m gonna be a little bit overdue. Afraid my work isn't good enough. Afraid my work will be overruled. Afraid of underestimation. Give in to distraction to avoid / calm down anxiety.

To find something that I think makes sense to work on. Got bogged down in a meeting with no room for work. Extinguish fire and control incoming mail, so there is no free space and power for work. Will I even be able or fully prepared to do useful work? Spending hours doing unimportant work to settle the invoices.

Too much of your life doing irrelevant, trite things. So I could and should do more, and the day feels like it's slipping away. There' s so many diversions. It' difficult for me to concentrate. Afraid that the people I look up to don't appreciate my work. It'?s a struggle to remain creatively.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield states that" any action that refuses immediate satisfaction for the benefit of long-term economic development, goodness, or integrity", or "any action that is derived from our higher natures and not from our lower ones", will certainly cause opposition. Anxiety, distraction, distraction, interruption, delay, hesitation, embarrassment, lack of awareness, doubts, etc. In my opinion, the greatest challenge for the work that matters is these:

Have you any idea what an important, useful job looks like and how to do it? Anxiety: In all forms and dimensions as mentioned above. Deflections (and distractions): both internally and externally. So if you want to do work that counts, you need it: morale. It is the readiness to avoid anxiety, to surmount distraction and to show up every single morning, even if it is difficult.

You know what your useful, important job is? Clearness is the basis for useful work and useful work. It is important to be clear about who we are, our beliefs, our visions for our lives, what is important and what we can do every single working day to remain stable in our goal of doing our best work.

Anxiety will keep you less. All of a sudden, deflections aren't so bothersome. They are able to do the work that counts. All of us have occasions for distraction and distraction. You' re not going to find anyone who does sensible work in the long run, who doesn't at least have a certain amount of clearness, a certain amount of appetite and gravel.

When it comes to doing useful work, what is a real challange? P.S. As you may know, I am setting up a led on-line course about our best work and a concentrated work. We will be taking the 20 video clips that will be part of the course this time.

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