Do Publishers Edit your Book

Publishers edit your book

A lot of books go through content editing, line editing, text editing and then not just one, but two or more rounds of proofreading. You have completed your editing and your book has been printed. Self publication does not mean publishing everything yourself. As an acquiring editor, Karp shares his insight. There is no obligation for publishers to edit your book.

Are publishers no longer processing them?

Some publishers still invest an unbelievable amount of effort and expense in their work. Most of my writers had to perspire through strict editing. A lot of ledgers go through editing, line editing, text editing and then not just one, but two or more revisions.

That' a great deal of drafting attentiveness! This is not the case with my customers and other writers I know. Other publishers call a script fast and good. Writers who are with these publishers may have an easy way, but it can be a long term disillusion.

The majority of publishers who work in this way have always done so. And, of course, there are publishers somewhere in between. Irrespective of where they began with the "editorial spectrum", many publishers had to reduce their budget. It is an unhappy by-product of the complex finance structures of publishers.

But, in my own judgement, the publishers who have always been committed to editing excellence--and most of the publishers I work with--have maintained that dedication, even with budgetary cutbacks. You will always find an error in a book that has been released. At Thomas Nelson we use several proofer for each book.

But these annoying little flaws are hidden in the shade and only appear when the book has been reprinted. How about bugs in released work? However, most writers who publish with prepaid pre-paid publishers would say that they have gone through one or more editorial sessions with their publishers.

Is it therefore correct that "publishers no longer edit"? A lot of people are spending less and less on processing than before. However, overall I believe that the dedication of most publishers to journalistic excellence has stayed steady, regardless of where they began the work. Contractually agreed/published authors: Please tell us about your experiences with your publishing house.

When there is something that makes you think that "publishers no longer edit", what is it?

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