Do I have what it Takes to be a Writer

I have what it takes to be a writer?

We know that as a writer you can earn money (economically). When your answer is: "I could live without writing", don't pursue a written career. If you want to be more competitive, you should try to earn one. Exhortation helps, but sometimes a cold splash of truth is needed to get people moving. You have to be willing to give something up.

You got what it takes to be a writer?

If you can type, if you can put words on the page, you're a writer. that you' re a writer. You' re a writer now. That'?s the most difficult thing for any writer. And we expect others to name us as authors.

Have we a large following of SC? Lettering becomes a goal that is either met with a round of applause or is nothing at all. But as long as we ask others to agree, we will never find our vote. What's even more serious, as long as we look familiar, we can still type like someone (or anyone else).

We' re becoming an echo of an authentic part. However, echos have decreasing yields. You' ve asked others before. You' re looking outside and that's what you should be avoiding the most right now. Discover why you should be writing; see if it has stretched its root into the deep of your own hearts; admit to yourself if you would have to perish if you were not allowed to do so.

Above all: Ask yourself in the quietest hours of your night: Do I have to do it? If this response sounds in agreement, if you face this ceremonial issue with a powerful, easy "I must", then you are building your own lives according to this need; your whole lives must become a symbol and testimony of this stimulus.

A writer who works out of a quiet inner mission, out of the white speaking part that says "I must", does not need the consent of anyone. The writer realizes that his writings may or may not make him famous. Whilst popularity may be a subtle thing, it is never the initial goal. To write means to reach into the profound mind and to be courageous enough to put these words on the page.

and tell you you're a writer. You' re a writer.

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