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A lion once lived in a forest. He slept under a tree one noon. This is a collection of the best stories about moral values in English. Register - Register now. An English-Urdu language course | History of motivation in Urdu in English.

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A short story about "Do good, have good" A Leo once used to live in a wood. That was the opening of a mice near the log of the trees. Coincidentally, the murine climbs over the lion's skull. He awoke and captured the girl in his foot.

As he tried to destroy the mice, the mouse said: "0 Kings of the Forrest! He felt sorry for her and let her go. After a few day, the Leo was trapped. He was roaring and the girl ran to the place where the beast was trapped.

Soon, the Leo was free. Thanking the girl for her help, he vanished into the woods.

What is the morality of "doing good, doing good" in a brief story?

This is an interesting story about a constant good act of the lady who almost........... more! Every day the bumpy guy would come and get the chapteratti and say the words: "the wickedness you do stays with you. "The good you do comes back to you." She felt upset. He was hunchbacked on his way without realizing the warmongering in the woman's head.

Every day, as the Lady placed the chaptatti on the windowsill, she prayed for her boy who had gone into the distance to look for his happiness. I' d have been dead, but then an old bunch of hunchbacks came by. and he was kind enough to give me all the chapatti.

It reminded her of the venom she had made that mornings. If she hadn't burned it in the fire, it would have been ate by his own boy, and he would have forsaken him! THAT WHICH YOU DO STAYS WITH YOU: THE GOOD YOU DO COMES BACK TO YOU! Good things and never stop doing good, even if it is not valued at this point.

There' will be a great rewards for every good you do. It'?s my mother's story.

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