Do good have good Short Story

Doing good has good short story

This is a short film based on a lesson by Huma Zahid directed by Muhammad Rawaha Saleem. Hindi and Urdu motivational story Video This story is designed to motivate and inspire you to help others. I' m looking for suggestions for good short stories to write essays about. I' d like there to be topics that are easily noticed (the author gives enough hints). While a novel can have several conflicts, a short story should only have one.

I have 300 words of good old German tales.

There was a Leo living in a forest once. Coincidentally, there was also a mice living in a near-pit. The man saw the man asleep. And he came out of the pit and went near the beast. And then he climbs on it and starts to dance. He was pitying him and letting him go.

And then one of these days, the Leo was trapped in a hunter's net. And he cried. And he saw the beast trapped in the net. And he began to bite the net with his edged spikes. He was free again. A story of a slaves and a cougar shows that true charity generates charity and a good turn of phrase merits another.

There was a slaves once. He worked hard 24 hours a day, but his lord was never satisfied with his work. Not enough to feed the slaves. Besides, the slaves were ill-treated and penalized from then on. Too starving and too weary to leave. There was a beast on the floor.

Slaves felt sorry for lions and ripped their spine out of their paws. There was a great sense of relieve for the Leo. Thanks to the slaves, the lions left. A few month later, the Lord found the slaves. It was agreed to throw the slaves in front of a starving beast.

They made the servant standing in an arenas. There was a starving Leo headed by some fighters. He hastened towards the slaves. When he approached the slaves, he paused and took a bow. Leo remained still and looked at the slaves. Surprisingly, the Leo began to lick the slave's legs.

It was the Leo who recognised him. He was the same man who ripped the spine out of his foot. He' s freed the slaves. Doing good, doing good. A good turn of phrase merits another.

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