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News-Journalism - Freelance and Feature Writing - Freelance and Travel Writing - Freelance and Music and Art. writings CTY's on-line writing courses for 5-12 grade pupils give pupils the opportunity to work with professionals and research the arts from writing and writing to AP English Language and Composition. The writing courses are available in session-based and customized format. We offer web-based courses to help primary, secondary and secondary learners to practise and improve their understanding of how their language decisions can influence the language they use.

CTY's session-based language courses include basic concepts of communications science, designtheory and computational psycology to help participants in understanding the fundamentals of efficient vision communications. Talented pupils whose writing abilities are ahead of their peers should not be detained. Johns Hopkins University CTY Online Programs Writing Series was developed specifically for these kids.

Starting in 1983 with a National Endowment for the Humanities scholarship, these courses offer talented 5-12 grade authors unique ways to work with professionals to research both academia and creativity. "Giving those undergraduates, many of whom may have a good writing background, some of the most worthwhile efforts in my teachering work.....

" An in-depth comprehension of the language allows the student to make well-founded decisions about the language used. Through building blocks, the classes and tutorials encourages the student to think like a linguist to find out how the parts of the language and phrase pattern can be used to form efficient phrases. Gramar FUNdamentals offers a wide variety of subjects to satisfy the latest high schools educational requirements and strengthens classes with comprehension skills such as playing and testing puzzle and diction.

Through From Structure to Style, the student is encouraged to analyze the application of language in an on-line environment and then use it in their own work. The three courses contain writing tasks criticized by CTY teachers to give pupils the chance to practise their knowledge of the language. Understand how their language decisions can influence the qualitiy of their language.

Nowadays, the use of language is just as important as the use of words for successful study and living. The student learns to recognise the elements of optical composing and to declare and analyse optical signals. The CTY instructor guides the pupils through the elements of actual story telling and produces their own tales.

For more information: For more information on how Arts courses work, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. Explore how colleges work together with on-line programs and how some pupils use CTY courses to gain credits and internships in their school. Wondering if your kid is a good match for your on-line courses? Ben Reynolds' distance learning benefit (PDF).

A Post-Millennial's View of E-Learning Courses" by Hannah Somers.

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