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What is that? A key element of every client design in the area of plant technology is the preparation of comprehensive and detailed system related documents. It can run in several or several hundred documents, according to the system dimensions and complexities.

What is it and what exactly does it do? Datas and documents are merged into a new one. This is what we call straight-publication. Publication of test reviews. Most of your documenting needs can already be covered by your CMS: cost-effectively and in several different nationalities.

However, what about the parts of the manual you receive from your vendors with the attached third-party equipment? What about the construction plans that are to be handed over to the end user together with the entire document? What can you do to integrate these parts of the document with the results from your CMS into a single table of content?

Has the text in your CMS really been checked against the results of your designs? What is the amount of available contents that your editors need to recreate? Some parts of the manual are separate text packages. They have to make some dokuments and data available in source format: digital signatures, machinery controls.

There is no suitable CMS for such a task. We have a number of different parts in our end documentary which have to be taken from different resources. A perfect starting point for creating effective documentations is the combination of all pertinent data with the single positions of the PLM system and their storage in the DMS.

The system uses a multitude of predefined machining operations that can be parameterized for your individual projects. For the production and the following publication on hardcopy there are several useful functions: The division of entire files into hardcopy formats. Should the documentations be presented in numerical format, we can produce a textured document with navigation indexes and the bookmark.

You can also produce the DVDs yourself later. When there are short time limits for the preparation of documents, it is important that the development status and possible issues can be identified quickly and accurately. There are many ways for those who manage the generation of the document to manage and monitor the workflows in the DTP workflows' controlpanel.

As well as providing effective administrative workflows, the DTP solution also generates its own alerts (e.g. by e-mail) to alert users to unusual or undesirable conditions. As a result, the system generates data that can be added to the overall compile.

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