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It is packed with the essential details - explained in simple terms - that show you how to publish ebooks. World-leading digital publishing solutions include e-book distribution, sales reports and world-class market intelligence. The widespread introduction of digital printing has been slowed down for both publishers and book printers by its limitations in terms of quality, speed, flexibility and affordability. Start digital publishing. You will learn the basics of ebook creation and discover how to choose the right format and tools for any project.

Genuine human assistance.

Genuine assistance from genuine humans. Call our technical department and talk to a live person or contact our technical department by e-mail to get help with your needs. As your eBook is still your eBook, we make no limitations on where and how you can use your translated e-pub.

If you post a work through our services, you give us the right to reproduce and distribute your work in digital shops, but we never get full power over those copyrights.

#1 Digital Publishing Solution for eBook Publishers

Boost your turnover by at least 15%. Improve the attractiveness and profile of your stocks and decrease your dependency on leading companies. Search in over 60 industry leading commercial research tools. Boost your turnover for the cost of a day's latt. You' ll be saving up to 40% of your existing eBook administration effort and have individual control over our world-class technical assistance staff and a strong on-line help desk.

Monitor the output of a stock monthly by tracking the authors and the effect of distribution and promotion on revenues. Browse your information to find the detail that's really important. Increase your eBook deal by realizable realizations and make you stop with mysteries. Administer all your eBooks in one place. Get instant and anywhere retrieval of your information.

Safe Digital Publishing | DRM & Copy Protected Ebook Content

There is no clear definition of the area of digital publishing. From a technical point of view, it is the publication of everything in digital form, be it films, soundtracks, images or prints. This is a little different from ebook publishing, which, as the name implies, only publishes textbooks? As early as the 90s we were informed that there would be a "mix" of media, so that a textbook (like an encyclopedia) could contain a "much wealthier environment" (costs more?) than a printed one - so graphical illustration could move rather than be statistical, other illustration could be useful (instrument noise, animals and so on ) and a complete movie could be provided.

However, there are still loopholes. eBook publishing tends to - textbooks. When it comes to that, there are an awful lot of things you wouldn't necessarily consider a book. Analysts' reviews, lab results, health reviews, capital expenditure reviews, trainings, repair shop handbooks, maintenance guides, consulting surveys, the more.

What they all have in common is that they must be copy-protected for very different purposes, also known as Digital Right Administration (drm). That something is published digitally doesn't mean it's a novel (like What Katy Did, or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as works of fiction).

It doesn't mean it's for the people. In most cases, the in-house documents created by digital publishing have to be checked very carefully. They must be copy-proof, which means they must be DRM-protected. It is the creator's very last intent to have this type of eBook publication for general publication.

And despite the general rule that there are copyrighted works available (limited abstraction, right to satire or criticism, personal study), it would be quite misleading to say that one of these samples was designed to enable this type of use. It would be unrealistic for the goverment or business to even use digital publishing for any kind of in-house document if the auto-granting of copyrights were real.

In fact, not everything that is eBook publishing can be accessible to everyone. eBook publishing must be secure, and that means that it is copy-protected. It is possible that there are problems where drm-protected eBooks do not allow copyright law as such.

However, this must be balanced against the damage caused by trying to refuse digital publishing the right to be safeguarded. You can download desktop publishing programs to protect copy-protected contents for safe digital publishing (eBook publishing, reporting and other work). Stop photocopying, publishing, modifying, digging and uploading your work.

Check which people can see your DRM-protected contents, what they can do with them (copy, printer, etc.) and when they can no longer be displayed (expire). Protect your e-books, information, docs and contents from unauthorised use and abuse with digital publishing security solutions.

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