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Get Book Creator for iPad and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Freshly published first ebook of our series prepared with book creator app. Step-by-step instructions for creating an eBook in ePub and mobi formats, complete with an eBook template and a useful style guide for authors. We highlight marketing strategies and best practices for the digital experience, including content creation, distribution and insight. Describes the basic steps for creating an eBook.

An easy guide to create interactive ebooks (with examples and how-to's)

Since the Kindle was launched ten years ago, e-books have come a long way. At that time, an ebook was just an electronical copy of its print equivalent that could be viewed on an e-reader or computer. Today, even non-publishers have the option of creating PDF-style e-books and publishing them on their websites.

And that' s where the trouble lies: e-books are so simple to build, everyone does it. And they all look almost the same - dull, badly crafted fixed files that end up in the wastebasket 5 seconds after opening. Nevertheless, in 2017 e-books will remain one of the most popular media for business-to-business (B2B) marketers:

These continued appeal means that stable e-books will only become more satiated, and more deaf to them. Therefore, today's marketer needs to find a better way to use these long-form investments to inspire and train the readership. Type in your e-books. This equipment captures and retains the reader's interest much longer than its stationary counterparts:

Whilst online e-books can give publishers a real edge over the competition, many people make the mistakes of using the same methodology and thinking as a conventional PDF. The result is a dull end result that does not take full advantage of the story-telling abilities that an eBook can offer. I' m going to show you everything you need to know about e-books, including:

Which is an eBook? Beyond mere statics and active participation, e-books use the possibilities of the touchscreen to do more than just move the eye. Such an ebook is no longer just text on a page, but an active ebook provides a sensorial sensation not only in words, but also in vision and soundtrack.

One good ies Arbeitsdefinition wäre "ebook contents that changes based on how you commit with it". Interaction within an eBook can take a multitude of forms: This allows publishing houses to provide an immersive reader interface that goes far beyond the click. You can use them to address all kinds of subjects such as children's literature, guidebooks, cookbooks and pedagogicals.

What's the point of making an eBook that' interactive'? Marketing professionals are experienced in posting blogs and other types of one-way publications. It is more work to create interactivity. There' s a good explanation why 3 out of 4 advertisers invested more in interactivity last year: Interaktive e-books enable you to move away from a one-way view and turn into a two-way monolgy that appeals to the readers and enables the publisher to create lead and convs: directly within the content:

There are a few other reason marketing specialists are moving from static ebook contents to interactive: There is nothing new about interactivity. However, the practise of creating rich media contents specifically for an ebook is still a largely unused conduit for most publishers. There''s no general equation for how an eBook should look and work.

There are as many applications as the users who read or create them. The well-known researcher Richard Dawkins lets the reader experience the scientific experiment up front in his hands-on eBook. It is the first fully featured, fully interactivity, business-related eBook ever made. Inside the application, users can browse videos, watch case histories of well-known names such as Nike and Virgin America, comment on the contents and find out what other users have to say.

The interaction possibilities that determine the value factor for the readers are a mixture of interaction graphics, animation, documentaries and pictures. Available in printed form, the eBook version provides 17 QR code throughout the text, leading to related digital contents, among them an epochal nerf fight at Zappos World.

Look&Cook's full-featured online cookery book provides step-by-step guides on your tray, along with language commands, built-in timers, tutorial videos and a send-by-email grocery checklist for 51 expert cook erythrops ( (including 7 veteran recipes). It is an eBook with sections of a building that allows the user to zooming and exploring, as well as off-line charts and local attractions.

Well-known Sherlock Holmes, available as an application file that can be downloaded, comes to live in 3-D animation that draws readers like Dr. Watson himself into the story. Easy animation takes the user to different parts of the textbook and allows them to listen to comments, watch video, picture gallery, quiz and play and even an active magazine where they can type or even browse.

Every example above uses interaction functions in different ways, according to your audiences, contents and use. Create an eBook interactively? We have seen above that there are many stats that help to improve the efficiency of the interactivity of interactive contents. But how will an eBook interactivity help your company?

Firstly, ask yourself what you are hoping to get out of your hands-on eBook: Interaktive e-books can be used to achieve one of these objectives at the top and in the center of the hopper. Who' s going to deal with your eBook? Which kinds of contents should be recorded? In each stage of the process, which interaction supports story telling?

What will the assets look like in your contentmarketing mixture? So you can choose to take a look at your current armoury of contents and see if you can reuse something. A web application - people can click through the interaction on your website. MobiLife - User Downloads the eBook from the iTunes Webshop.

Wallpaper application - It is downloaded directly to your computer, no specialized reader necessary. The EPUB files are released in eBook shops like B&N Nook or Amazon Kindle. Keep your budgets in view and think about how you want to process the post-publication contents.

Choose a topic and begin by creating the original concept. Create a design for the stream of contents. Consider which images and sound files best fit your music. Begin with the development of optical and acoustic interaction together with the copy. Collaborate with organizations like 1dollarscan to get a PDF of your work.

Get an overview of your text and decide what else you want your reader to know. It can help you to build extra functions and information to interoperate with. You' ll find that your interactivity penetrates multiple levels of every page. It is useful to make a table of contents that describes the way of each activity.

It is also useful to create a tutorial section that you can use as a template for the following sections. This example should show how you want each part of your eBook to look and work, and should contain a separate table of contents for use. Since you are crafting your ebook contents, consider how well each point can stand alone without needing other information in the ebook to help the reader make senseof it all.

Some of these may be useful during the build phase: BookWidgets ebook lets you buy and buy ebook widegets. Altough these Widgets are specifically intended for use in iBooks author, you can use them in other ebook-creating applications if the applications are supporting them. People can click on the widget-button in your eBook and see your trivia, puzzles or other contents in a pop-up area.

just like BookWidget, you can dowload interacting ebook widgets with Bookry. This widget offers functions like playing a game, quiz, puzzle and draw interactively. Get a or movie and put it in your eBook. Scan out sites like Fiverr and Guru to find specialists to make customized videos for your ebook for a low cost.

With Canva you can easily generate free information graphics or advanced pictures. They might decide to have a specialist explain your ebook. Audio Blocks provides a wide selection of full-length audio sounds, musical looping and track list. You' ll be charged a $99 per year and can keep all downloaded audio even if you terminate your subscription.

Whilst the number of opportunities for attracting readers' interest is infinite, we keep seeing how publishers make the same mistakes. You are approaching virtual e-books, such as PDF files. So many more ways to reach (and convert) your reader than PDF.

Imagine text to complement the interactivity of the game. Their words should be reduced to a bare essence, while most of the speech is made up of audiovisuals. A number of analysts suggest that the ebook copy be kept short of a standard blogs mail - about 800 words or less. Summarize your concept with a wealth of pictures and sound.

As with any contents your interacting ebook should make a free next move available to help lead reader further into the funnel. ebook. Which kind of CTA you use depends on the level of your contents in the hopper. They can use a wide range of ebook and A / A test to see which ones are better conversion.

Ebooks, white papers, check lists and other PDF files have been a pillar of the company's advertising strategy since the nineties. Most of us are used to them and relatively easy to do. Whereas PDF files were used to introduce the digital era to textbooks, journals and other oline objects, they offer a very straightforward experience in that area.

It' looks like a text book - introduction, index, some nice pictures and references to third partys. Don't make the error of considering your eBook interactively in the context of a PDF. Use pictures, video, audio, live action and animation to tell an exciting storyline.

Wanting to delve further into certain issues, the reader can do so through interacting, not through a wall with text. The creation of a conventional PDF is a fairly simple process: In the creation of engaging e-books, many advertisers make the error of having to think about viewing asset values belatedly in the proces. This is not how you create them.

You' re up to creating your first interactive ebook? Whilst e-books are still a crucial part of the B2B advertising mixture, they are satiated. As the readership is dying in the media and our exposure time is getting ever narrower, advertisers are looking for new ways and media type to reduce these noises.

It is therefore not astonishing that more than 75% of marketing companies invest more in this area. Also, e-books are a big part of this mixture.

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