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Booster - BookMaker - Digital Printing - Multimedia Book - Printers - Low Cost - Digital Book - Book Design. This article tells you how to impress your readers or customers in the digital age. flip-book software for rotating Office documents such as PDF, PPT, images, etc. for turning books. A professional software for creating iPad books with flip effect!

The UEC is probably the only e-book software you will ever need!

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The FlipBook Creator transforms PDF documents into a 3-D page flipbook and e-magazine on your Windows OS computer and displays them on the iPad (IOS). Turn PDF to Browse Book, Adobe Reader, digital catalogues, browsable Adobe Reader PDFs, Mac OS 10.5 or later user-books. The FlipBook Creator Professional is a FTP software that transforms PDF documents into a flipbook with integrated videos, sounds, flash, YouTube videos, icons, slideshows, and more.

A free benchmark styled flipbook design is now available. The FlipBook Creator is a favourite flip-book maker for PDF to flip-book converters. You can distribute the magazine either on-line or off-line. This is a Mac desktops app to make it fun and interesting ý Adobe PDF browsing effects in Adobe PDF format using the latest version of Adobe Flipbook 5 (Flash 5).

Convert your auctions into digital spreadsheets with embed videos, sound, flash, YouTube videos, icons, slideshows, and more.

Complimentary Flip Book Maker; PDF to HTML5 & Flash Flip Book Software

In a few moments, turn your Adobe Reader into a fun, digital flipbook. Produce your digital magazine, catalog, brochure, report, newsletter and other promotional material with advanced interactivity. It is as simple to generate an on-line publishing as it is to upload a single Adobe Acrobat Reader document. You only have to do is to release it on different machines.

Release as many digital flip-books as you like at no surcharge! You can design your book entirely by yourself with a wide range of ready-made layouts and customize the layouts with your own logos, backgrounds, customize your own custom layouts, customize your own custom layouts, customize your own layouts with preloaders, customize shadows, customize covers, customize your layouts with color, customize your layouts, customize your layouts with color, customize your layouts and more (120+). Offers a new and interesting way to advertise and market your product on line.

Easily integrated with our services solutions, you can build a fully point-and-click buying experience. Enables your audience to buy directly from your digital catalogue/magazine without having to leave the site. In order to secure your digital booklet, you can either include a password and encoding throughout the whole publishing or allow the users to display only a few pages and keep the remainder of the publishing in theoud!

Remains linked to every digital flip page book you have made. Monitor and monitor all your readers' behaviour, which includes the number of visitors, traffic and page impressions, publishing times, page publishing times, page times, click-through URLs, audio playback, video playback, keywords and more. A separate audio can be added in MP-3 for each release.

Insert videos into your publishing pages. We' re doing everything we can to reach the largest possible public and provide you with these stats and reviews in live.

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