Digital Baby Book App

Baby Digital Book App

We have the same applications or tools; we can access a smartphone. We build eRedbook from scratch. You can continue to use the current eRedbook Classic, but you can also use the improved Beta-Web application. As Pinner says: "I've already started a baby book, but that's interesting!

A mobile app for tracking milestones in children's development.

Fifteen baby book apps to document baby's landmarks

I am ashamed to acknowledge that, but I have no official records of all the landmarks my girl has made over the years. I always had the intent to buy a baby book for each of them and to take the necessary amount of free space to put everything in it and make prints.

Babybacks could really be a thing of the past. There is so much available to us with all the technologies that is shifting to a digital stage rather than the old stylus and the old piece of work. I wanted to find a way to keep everything electronic, but in a clean and more beautiful way.

Fortunately, in all my research, I've found many applications available on mobile handsets and trays that allow you to capture all your child's mile stones and organize the pictures in the way that works best for you. A baby book in your hands. Have a look at some of my favourite baby book applications to document all the times in your little live, both big and small.

Browse through 15 great applications to organise baby's pictures and mileposts. It' a picture book, a baby book, a diary and more. Organise all your pictures into folders for easy access. Set up a personal video for every kid so you can capture every single landmark and time.

Sharing everything with your loved ones, your boyfriends and even your own network. The My Baby Book is an easy way to capture every landmark in your baby's lifes. It is an ongoing listing of all the important mile stones you have captured, and it allows you to add a photograph and movie to the mile stone.

It can also be shared with your loved ones and your relatives. Store your pictures, video, add captioning and more. It can be shared in private with your relatives and acquaintances. There' s even an on-line portal that puts all your memories on a time line so you can see how much your little one has increased.

You can have all your memorabilia printed in one book so you can keep it forever. The Sweet Baby is a classic baby book in an app. There are pre-installed pages and quizzes that provide a great way to keep track of your baby's mileposts.

It is a basic diary that allows you to share all the best things in the world. Although not necessarily designed for baby, it is a very easy and fast way to capture and organize your time. It not only has a place to add pictures and landmarks to an albums, but also a table of your baby's whereabouts.

Storyline is a quick and simple way to live the moment. Its organizing your photographs effortlessly into a history that' s built on the date and your taking most of the heavy work out of your hand. It can be shared with your friends and families, uploaded to Facebook or even integrated into your website.

In addition to uploading pictures and journaling records, you can include authorised people who can do the same. When Daddy spends the mornings with the baby, he can simply load a picture of the morning into the baby's cabin and Mama will see it when she log on to the app from her mobile as well.

It has a really beautiful surface and allows you to make a picture gallery and exchange it with your loved ones. Include your kid, name, sex and birth date in the app and begin making unique experiences. Then you can upload a picture, sign it, date and sharing it with the rest of the planet or just with your people.

It' a great way to tell your child's history, and then print it into a book to relish it forever. It' easy to add pictures and fill in the gaps to get a nice baby book. With Tweekaboo, you can capture video, photo and milestone files with ease and take over the entire organization for you.

They can even make a personal diary just for you and your baby. Sharing the pictures and valuable memories with your loved ones so they can enjoy all the time. With Baby Log, you can follow everything from growing to feeding in the app.

In addition to the knowledge of when you last wore the nappy, you can keep a diary and share pictures of your child's last time. The Kidfolio is a parental networking site that allows you to follow your child's unique experiences as well as interact with other adults about mile stones.

Receive product advice, learn about day-to-day trends, and build a group just for families to experience unique experiences. Encourage your familiy to live your child's child's lifestyle. With Kidlee, you can browse your pictures, video and more and even more. You can even browse and collaborate with your loved ones.

Toddlers is an app that easily saves all the little and big times in your world. Make a memo for a specific date or landmark, attach a picture, movie or audioclip, and he'll organise it for you. From Lauren about Baby's first year:

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