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It has a number of free titles available in Adobe, Microsoft, Palm and Mobipocket formats. Sponsor your "Local" Indie eBookstore! chip class="force-highlight-color">Fulfillment Tools Open new sales channels.

Fulfilment tools for opening up new sales channels. You can use our intuitively order & customer managment system or let us take over these tasks. You can connect your website directly to Ingram bearings and e-book server for immediate, trouble-free performance. All your e-book clients are downloading all your printing jobs immediately or in a few seconds.

Site traffic driving capabilities. Testimonials, several bookcases and vouchers are just a few of them. With Google Analytics and Google Analytics software, you can gain a competitive advantage. This all-in-one, turnkey e-commerce solutions offers you a secure website, domains, shopping basket, inventory, CRM, mailboxes, online shop, online shop, reports & mobile-optimized shop.

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Diesels eBooks reopened as a white label bookseller

Prior to its shutdown, Diesel eBooks was one of the better third-party e-book vendors. Sadly, it could not competing efficiently because of e-book priceing agencies (or so it claimed in its case against Apple and five publishers), and it went out of business in March 2012. Diesels eBooks has calmly relauncht as Diesel Digital, a Weiss labels eBooks store offerer.

So if you are mad enough to enter a world where the biggest providers won't let you competing on cost, then Diesel Digital is here to help. Based on its years of e-book dealer expertise, Diesel will construct a fully laden, brand-name, bespoke e-bookstore for you. Anything from the back end to the website can be made to order, and Diesel is ready to manufacture any part, complete with catalogue manager, an option reward programme, administration tool, etc.

They can even use their platforms to market not only the electronic goods but also tangible goods. Those one diesel components may not be able to are read applications, and for those that you need to go to another business like Bluefire. There is no reference to the app on the website, but it is still under development.

It' s a little strange that Diesel doesn't mentions any reader applications; its rivals (like PageFoundry) can offer both the applications and the e-bookstore. Prior to starting this diary in January 2010, I worked with e-books, e-book reader and digitally published for about 2 years as part of the MobileRead Forum.

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