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The following is an example of a detailed representation. Authors use outlines in their posts to know which topic to cover and in which order. Drafts for papers can be very general or very detailed. In the following you will find examples of research work. Making a sketch is the first thing you should do before starting your research.

Example of a detailed sketch | The writing process

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Are we able to dare to risk our children's life? Use GoogleDocs to make a detailed sketch of your Freewrite/Brainstorm.

Sketching - Write a document

The most important points are the components of your work. Important points are built on each other to advance the document and bring it to a close. Every important point should be a clear statement that refers to the key point of your work. Take the example of Mallory Point: Occupation and bodily wellbeing can be a good first important point for this model document.

Here, a pupil could debate how early leaving often results in fewer job prospects, and the available job prospects are usually linked to bad working conditions and low wages. Small points are sub-topics within your main points. Smaller points evolve the shades of your main points, but may not be significant enough to justify increased awareness on their own.

This can take the guesswork out of your own resources, statistical data or support suggestions. Example minority point: On a smaller point of the preceding main point (employment and bodily health), the violation of workers or the common absence of medical care provided by poorly paid workers could be addressed. There are more main and secondary points in the remainder of your tissue.

Every important point should move the key point of the document forward, often based on the preceding points, until you have provided enough proof and analyses to support the conclusions of your document. More main and side issues: Other important points in this document could be the psychological wellbeing of early school drop-outs, the accessibility of early education and the link between psychological and physiological state.

Smaller issues could cover particular work environment, workplace contentment in different areas and the link between mental health and the disease.

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