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Unlock the designer in you. It is intuitively designed and easy to use. You not too'experienced' designers! Easily create professional lead magnets in minutes without having to hire a designer to generate more leads, increase conversion rates and save time. You can download it as soon as you have finished your design.

Welcome to my eBook Designs ervice - An individual, professionally and sophisticated eBook designservice.

You not too'experienced' designers! They' ve been tinkering with Canva, Adobe Pages and other eBook authoring sites like Beacon, and the end results are, well.... let's just say "less than wishy! "I know you just don't like it! Now the completion of your eBook has turned into a huge battle instead of being the run of frenzy it should be!

"It' just the take-away style! What if you didn't have to go alone this one? Instead, what if you had an astonishing designer and digitally publishers on your side to help you produce a unique eBook theme - from the initial concept through the final artwork to the final result (aka income) - without any problems?

Welcome to my eBook Designs ervice - An individual, professionally and sophisticated eBook designservice. So whether you struggle to come up with an eBook idea you like, or just waste your valuable amount of work to find out Canva (or Adobe Pages) and "work on it" until the early mornings ( "and still hate the end result") - something has to chan!

Yes, working with me is the simplest way to make your stunning, heart-based eBook without all that overwhelming and frustrating work. I' m all about creating you an eBook that will stand out from the crowd, oose's proffessionalism and one that you oh-so proud of, all while holding the lawsuit amusingly and doe-free, so you can get back to the doing on your favorite customer and manage your shop like a chef and live your being, too.

I mentioned that I only take one customer at a stretch - yes, just you! I' ll give you my full concentration when we work together on your eBook-designs! This is a full complimentary ebook conversion of your words and contents into a personalized eBook so that you can love your customers again and work on your work!

An all-in-one, unique eBook theme, fullybranded to your own trademark look, linked and available for PDF-downloading. 3 (3) individually created advertising images (advertising for your new eBook), which you can easily divide and advertise via all your existing online media! Select a theme magazine (below) and subscribe to the dashed line to start my eBook branding work.

Gain clarification for your eBook visions, give me your contents, and then it's my turn to go to work. You will have your eBook pack in 14 working nights to help you exchange your presents with the rest of the while! Just fill out the following contact sheet and I will contact you to further clarify your needs:: Temp Three // Within 24 - 48 hrs after receipt of your payment I will email you my'Branded eBook Questionnaire' to help me develop and layout the most suitable eBook layout for you. `: Temp Six // One weeks before your date of creation I will contact you to agree on it:

  • We can also create your eBook text, along with any other needs you want to incorporate into your designs. Since I work with only one customer in a two week timeframe, your designs will be processed very quickly from here.

It' when you.....: Start an eBook for the first and you have no idea how to make it look ah-mazing: Do you have an on-line store, blogs or an on-line site and want your subscription basis to expand and following ASAP. You have an eBook that you want to redesign to fit your own brands!

: Don't have the case, the psychological feature, means, curiosity or endurance to artwork your own eBook that faculty totally Looks PER and attract your idea gathering kind fireflies! $297 down payment is needed to save your location in my site waitingeue. I work with one customer at a case to create your eBook - (Yes, seriously! I do this so that your e-book has my full focus).

I' ll make your eBook stand out from the rest, radiate professionality and one you are so proud of! It' to take your contents to the next stage! For your information, I use InDesign. Yes, you can also make a workbook for your e-course - Let's talc!

Would you like your printed version of the manual and not as a free downloaded version?

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