Describe a Story or novel that was interesting to you

Write a story or novel that was of interest to you.

Write a story or novel that was of particular interest to you ielts examination Where you learned about it when you read it Explain how you felt. They should say: what it was about; if you read it; what was the main story. It was very interesting to me because it has a moral lesson for life.

The description with the senses ensures that you show and not tell. A story in which your readers can empathize with both your hero and your villain.

Write a story or novel that was of particular interest to you.

I' ve been reading a lot of tales in my extracurricular and collegiate years. However the story that is really interesting for me is the famed story "Wings of Fire", which is the auto biography of the late and former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam. it is a great resource of inspirations because.

The story shows us how a young man with a rich young man's parents, who are not only poverty-stricken but who belongs to a group that is in a minor group in our land, achieved the great heights of his career and eventually became the Indian presiden. In 1931 he was borne in the small city of Rameswaram in Tamilnadu.

He was a little boat-owner in this city. He said in his writing that a Hindoo kid was his closest friends at church, but once, when a schoolteacher came and ordered him not to be sitting with a Hindoo kid and asked me to be on the last sofa. Feeling very unhappy after finishing secondary modern science, he earned his Bachelor's of Science from St. Joseph's Colleges, after which his dad stopped paying for his studies, but his older brother was with him and did a bit of engineer work at the (MIT) Madras Institute of Technology.

He never returned after that, he had an important part in India's atomic programs. Only under his leadership did India become a nuclear-powered state.

The IELTS Cue Card Example 349

Write an interesting story that you have listened to or that you have seen in the messages. I wanted you to say: and tell us why you found the story interesting. This story I am going to tell is a intriguing one about how an eight-year-old child protected more than 500 deaths.

A year ago I was reading this story in a paper. The story was written in a famous paper I was reading every single working days at the moment, and it was presented as a story of courage and exemplariness. One eight-year-old kid played in the evenings with some other children near a railway intersection and realized that part of the railway line was badly affected.

As other children ignored this and went back to their homes, this kid was different and he went home and convinced his dad that something terrible was going to do. Together with his dad, he came back to the railway hub and took a lot of trouble to persuade the railway officials to actually attend the incident.

However, the kid was relentless and with his dad they could at last persuade them that something horrible could occur if they did not act immediately. As they all saw the serious damages on the tracks, it was almost the moment that a railway passed this intersection on this one.

However, the railways authorities realized that the damaged line could not be repaired. Immediately they notified the nearest stations and alerted them so that the trains would not exit this intersection. The next morning, many attendants and staff members came to the place and were astonished at the boy's courage in saving mankind from imminent danger.

and the next morning she made the headlines in every paper. I recall that the kid received many presents from the railway authority and the municipal government. History has been an example to show us how a small offering and courage can help others.

It was so delicate that it became virtual in one single working days and made the headlines in many papers. but I' m sure it was on the headlines, too. By the very essence of this incident, we can appreciate that we worship the good tidings and are not only used to the goodies.

A small child's great bravery has helped save many others' deaths, and that was truly valuable message to inform and pride themselves in the whole area. Example, Reply 2: A very topical story has shaken the whole wide globe, I think, and that's the undesirable thing about setting an iPhone 7 plus on fire.

As a matter of fact, this was a heart-rending message for iPhone enthusiasts around the globe and this is the first one that the mark has witnessed such an undesirable state. When I read a paper, I heard about the new. Like the other day, I read the paper last night and a message on the technology side caught my eye.

I usually reread the paper in the early mornings before I move to my offices, and then I heard about the meeting. So I learned of the story, which seems interesting to me. It was about the disadvantages of lithium-ion cells and how they catch fire.

Reading the story, the fire occurred with Samsung's equipment and now it's with the equipment of technology giants Apple Inc. She immediately took a tape of the incident and posted it on Twitter. Immediately after it was on the online community network site, the tape became virus.

Later Apple Inc. contacted her and the telephone was corrupted. So I think the story was on the bulletin for several reason. She was rescued when she was away from the charger. She could have been hurt to some degree if she was near the telephone while it was catching fire.

Previously, Samsung had to discontinue one of its smartcomponent productions last year because of deficiencies in the batteries. That seemed interesting to me. It shows how the telephone started a fire and made a strange noises. At the same the company has also secured another iPhone 7 plus from Apple Inc. and reaffirmed its promise so that the other customers do not get into such difficulties.

Buying the iPhone 7 plus has become dangerous to avoid the risk of fire on the telephone. Write down a message you saw on TV recently. Write to a message you have recently received. Explain a newscast that you see often. Write a story or message that you are reading in a paper.

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