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The Cleardata Group offers data entry services and data capture solutions throughout the UK from secure, accredited locations. DatAntegrate UK provides the fastest, most accurate and secure data entry and data capture service for businesses and government agencies. Outsourcing data entry companies: data entry, data processing, moderation, transcription, Europe (Bulgaria) & offshore (Egypt, Madagascar). Free list of top companies hiring for data entry jobs with remote, freelance, part-time or other flexible work options. Extractive data research, web research, internet search, business research, market research and all web base process services at affordable cost.

Advantages of outsourced data entry services

Our livelihood is to find cost reductions for all kinds of companies. Cleard Data offers data entry services and data capture solutions throughout the UK from safe, certified locations. We have a dedicated staff of data collectors, IT experts and senior management to help you find the right solutions.

We at Cleardata work with our customers to help cut down on the use of waste and the flow of data and documents into, through and out of the company. We' ve reinvested in the latest technologies that enable companies to change over to handcrafting.

Cleardata's offsite data entry service reduces the need for manually entering data, speeds up turnaround and increases the precision of your data. Cleard Data also has the ISO27001 Information Safety Accreditation, ISO9001 Quality Management and all our employees are certified by Disclosure Scotland. Manually entering data can take a lot of effort so that employees can concentrate on their work.

Improve data precision and minimize sales losses in your company. We can collect your data from your hard copy form, survey, data list, store credit or even store credit information for you. Stipulated precision level for each order up to 99.95%. The digital data can be displayed in any desired file size.

We work with you to make sure the data is interoperable with your current back offices. Tailor-made analyses of your data can be made. IT staff can build scripting to unduplicate or clean your data. Automatic Data Collection - Cleardata has a high-performance scanner pool and has purchased the latest Kofax automatic data collection solution for it.

Email Room Services - Forward your form or survey to our office for opening, organizing and scans. Processing of returned goods - Send your returned goods to our staff and we will run a scanned envelope, retrieve the data and prepare a CSV with the name, postal code and purpose of the returned goods. All types of data can be handled, as well as typewritten and handwritten paper slips or handwritten data.

Cleard Data outsources data entry for many of the UK's top companies.

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