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Client-specific publishing

In the USA it is also referred to as branded media, customer media, member media, content marketing and custom publishing; in Great Britain as contract publishing and customer publishing. Customer-specific publishing ristina Halvorson (one of our future contributors to the world of news media ) asked me about the differences between custom publishing and news media publishing. CUSTOM Publishing? C-Publishing is the US word for what is now known as contentmarketing.

As defined by the Custom Publisher Council, Custom Publishing: Long history brief, Custom Publishing means not to sell your products or services, but to educate or entertain your clients with things they like or need to do.

For hundreds of years, custom publishing has been a practicable form of sourcing. John Deere's The Furrow Magazines, the first recognised custom paper, began in the later 1890s and helped show peasants better ways to make a profit. This was because it was written by (wait for it) editors.

They ( "magazine publishers") named it customised publishing without any idea what to call it. You had to distinguish this line of work ( "not for the entertainment industry but for advertisers") from your main one. Right from the beginning, custom publishing was the false name....because publishing is not necessarily marketing...and the creation of contents for the sale of goods and sevices is a question of market.

Today, custom publishing is mostly used as a concept and method for externalizing the contentmarketing processes (see below). By the mid-2000s, more and more companies began to replace the concept of custom publishing with the more up-to-date concept of BIOPRO. Put in simple terms, many publishers have been mistaken for the word "publishing", which refers exclusively to printing (not on-line or event-driven) or even to the publishing world.

In addition, it has become a recognised market demand to efficiently market goods and service. It was made possible through the use of technologies (social networking, leads generating procedures, SEO and more). Historically, there have been high entrance barrier to the creation and distribution of contents. Producing and distributing contents was costly (databases and the printing and mailing were costly for most companies).

Today, as we know, anyone can be a free online media salesperson in less than five and a half to one. More than ever, the qualtity of the contents is important. This is how BIOPRO' s concept of BIOPRO came about (we began with it in 2001, but it only really took off in 2007). This is a method of producing, curing and disseminating pertinent and precious contents in order to appeal, win and reach a clearly identified and comprehensible group of people - with the aim of promoting lucrative consumer behaviour.

Nine out of ten businesses in North America now operate in the field of media relations. In the past, it was perceived as beautiful, but today it is indispensable (advertising is luxurious, contents are survival). A number of other words are used as a substitute for selling contents.

Brand-named branded contents - very much in the business-to-consumer area. Made-to-measure advertising - very much in demand in the business-to-business sector. A lot of economic publishing houses with contents management departments call their entities "custom media". So if a medium enterprise has a contents department, chances are it will be referred to as XYC custom medium. In the Netherlands, this is a favourite word for contentmarketing.

For more information, see the Media Council. Markenjournalismus - also in the Netherlands liked (see comments below). In the UK, publishing is a well-liked word for contentmarketing. For more information, please contact the Association of Publishing Agencies. As I said from the beginning, our only aim is to unite advertisers using the same terms - whether it is custom publishing or text messaging.

In the long run, we don't mind as long as the brand does more of it and takes over the contents of their organization's market. Effective contentmarketing is a competition-acceleration.

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