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Individual book publication

A niche publisher for fiction, crime, thrillers, historical novels, selected children's books. The Jenkins Group specializes in publishing high-quality books for first-time and veteran authors, companies and organizations worldwide. That' s why we have developed a simple tool for you to calculate your individual book order. The Jenkins Group, Inc. specializes in publishing high-quality books for primary and veteran writers, corporations and organizations worldwide.

Please contact us for complex book services such as book cover design.

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The book includes novels, thriller, adult romanticism and occasionally a one-of-a-kind non-fiction, storybook, live, health or self-help book. We' re generally open to general literature submission in all three reprints and prefer full novel scripts with more than 90,000 words, but check them for about 50-65,000 words. At present we are publishing more than 150 publications by more than 95 writers from different.....

Individual book publication

The Jenkins Group specialises in publishing high-quality literature for first-time and veterans writers, companies and organisations around the world. We have bespoke publishing software that fits a wide range of budget, generic and release periods. This bespoke book is one of the most efficient ways to reach target audiences with information that fits their needs, interests and lifestyle.

A book's intrinsic durability can maximise your advertising bucks with a lasting impact on your bottom line. For more information on using a book as a promotional instrument, please go to The Jenkins Group publishing house provides publishing solutions that make your publishing idea come to live and create a book that will make you and your company a top quality servicepack.

See how the Jenkins Group can take your idea to the next page at a while. No matter what your needs are, we provide customized book publications that exceed your visions! We provide support for beginners, experienced writers and company experts in every stage of design, manufacture and assembly. With our custom publishing service, you get a high-quality, commercial publishing solution that delivers your messages in Style.

Whether you have a script in your hands or just a great brainchild, the Jenkins Group can make your book a success. We' ve written and published literary works for you. The one-on-one concept allows us to concentrate on your needs and manage the book projects effectively in order to achieve the highest possible ROI.

The Jenkins Group, a leader in custom book publishing with more than thirty years of expertise, has unrivalled reach, expertise and expertise within the market. The Jenkins Group's quest, whether your script is finished or just an original concept, is to make it come alive. Join us and discover how to take your company to the next stage by producing your own book.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free consulting session on your forthcoming work.

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