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Oprah's Journals - Learn more about the Journals that can be seen in the show, Oprah's range of Journals that make a big impact, their favorite book and find out how to organize a booklub. Book Group Corner provides booklets that give backgrounds and encourage discussions about certain publications. Lesers Circle - Free postcode index for book associations, book groups and all types of literature parlours.

It is designed to bring those who want to talk about literature together personally and via the web. Readers' Circle also has writers for telephone visit with groups who have chosen their book. The Reading Group Choices - Find easily discussed textbooks and discussions guidelines for literally a hundred papers.

Launch your own booklub - Discuss different kinds of bookclubs. The ALA Best Book - Aktuelle und vergangene Gewinner der American Library Association's Outstanding Reference Sources and Notable Book Award. - a selection of bestsellers recently released in the US, with an extract from each list; reviews, biographies of authors, biographies, in-depth reviews, bestsellers and guidebooks.

Genetic Reflection - Find songs and writers in these genres: historic destiny, criminality, romance, sci-fi and phantasy. The National Book Awards - National Book Foundation Winner by Award Winner Categories. Serials and Sequels - searching for writer, cover, series and characters book reporter - current book reviews and book-interview. Books Page Online - Many book reviews and writer-interview.

Booktrack - Reviews and comments on literature and readings. ebooks - browse or downloaded a book on your computer! The New York Review of New York Review of Book - Choose the table of contents for current reviews or browse the archive for previous reviews. The New York Times Book - Needs a free of charge original subscription.

Includes over 50,000 book reviews since 1980. Book Links - A book link for those who have been awarded three or more stars from the most important reviews. Reader's Advisor On-line - Readers' guide to help the reader find new articles and articles. Journalists are reader - where author evaluate a book - an on-line publishing house of book reviews that have been composed solely by literary and non-fictionists.

The BookSpot - accolades, reviews, best-sellers, bookshops, e-books, book groups and more. Book TV - Podcasts and TV shows by non-fiction bookists. Go-good readings for kids - Many useful resources for children's literature and author. Young adults-author, book list, award and literature review, as well as pages for young people.

News about NPR Buchs - News about the book, writer interview and podcast. AddressDoctor - Provides pricing comparison for over 35 bookshops worldwide. Please note the seperate links for used textbooks. Best-Book Buys - Offers comparative pricing for 20 bookshops worldwide. - A great site for used, uncommon and second-hand book searches and new book searches.

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