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A leading independent publisher that receives contributions from talented authors. I' ve always intended to write thrillers - to create the characters in my books. Soho Crime has been publishing atmospheric crime novels all over the world for more than twenty years. Newest Tweets from Fahrenheit Press: Crime Fiction Publishers (@fahrenheitpress). is a publisher of detective stories.

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I' ve always intended to make thrillers - to make the figures in my scroll. You see me as some kind of excentric - always on my notebook. It keeps me occupied despite a coach passport, young and in tune in the current state of the game.

As an author of thought-provoking, modern crime fiction that is complicated and involves life-changing circumstances, I like to think of myself as a singer. In the western Wiltshire and Dorset districts, I write my books in this area. Sophie Allen' s early books are inspired by the Isle of Purbeck, the most attractive of the Coast.

I am a pensioned instructor who spent most of my live tinkering with paper. I' ve usually focused my effort on brief story-telling, but I always had the feeling that crime thrillers would be one of my last decisions, especially if an evolving plot allowed me to present one or two different themes, albeit with a slight pound.

He' s the writer of Gone and Dead Gone, both of Amazon Kindle's top 100 books. Wrote more than a decade of fiction, mostly mysteries, among them a para-normal enigma, and appeared in a number of literature magazines. "Kent was my birthplace, but I worked most of my time in London and Surrey.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has eradicated us and I started a number of strange and beautiful work. The last one was a bookstore man. I' ve written enigmas for years, but never had the chance to take them seriously. I' ve put my detective stories here in the foggy swamps because I truly like the seclusion and breezy splendour of the swamps.

" "When I was a kid, I was raised in London. At the University of Ulster I received a B.A. in English and a degree in Social Work. When I was in my 1930s I began to write for kids and had five of my works printed by Poolbeg Press. I won my first novel for adults a scholarship from East Midlands Arts.

The first novel I ever wrote, Araby, was with Harper Collins, followed by Marble Heart. Hale released the next three novels: Fire and Ice, Out of the Blue and The Apple of Her Eye. I' ve been reading two shorts, The Old Master and The Gold Digger, for Radio Four.

I' ve always been an enthusiastic psychothriller and crime thriller writer and retired I have chosen to focus on crime. "PRACTICE FOR HER PREVIOUS BOOKS: Taylor Adams produced the celebrated shortfilm And I Feel Skin in 2008 and completed his studies at Eastern Washington University with the Excellence in Screenwriting Award and the renowned Edmund G. Yarwood Award.

He has been chosen by the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and his film critiques have been published on KAYU-TV's Fox Live blogs. A native of Oxford, Faith Martin lived all her career near the college town, even working at Somerville College for five years before devoting herself entirely to her work.

Under the pseudonym Joyce Cato, the novelist of the beloved DI Hillary Greene Romane also wrote more classical crime stories, but began her literary careers as Maxine Barry and won a prize for novel! She has been a favourite novelist for over 25 years and has so far written almost 50 books.

Yorvik spent his turn of the 20th and 20th centuries in Camden Town before moving to Barcelona where he worked as an editorial, translation and journalism specialist, and interviewed musician, writer and politician - later in his Lishman Diary Blog. She is the writer of the novel Beneath the Watery Moon and the volume of poems The Worm in the Bots.

When she was a kid, she often went to London, Provence, Tuscany, Gloucestershire and Cambridgeshire with her whole team. At an early age she already showed a feeling for literary and literary subjects and was particularly interested in poetic work. She was a productive consuming and producing work. While at Oxford, she turned from poems to fiction and began to create her own distinctive psychothriller music.

As Betsy says: "I believe that humans are most intriguing when confronted with the darkness of the world. "Until I retired in 2001, I was Professor of Oceanography at the Institute of Earth and Marine Sciences at the University of Liverpool. I' ve been focusing on detective stories since I retired.

Born in Downside, he tried his hand at various jobs after his retirement, among others in the winemaking business and PR. Indecisive about his own destiny, he made his way to Australia in the late 1960' and moved to Sydney for a commercial careers. He withdrew in 1999 to follow a marketing consulting path, but in 2003 he was named International Marketing Director at Diarough NV, one of the world's leading diamonds distributors headquartered in Belgium.

Since childhood he has written poems, texts and fiction, "Constance" being his first novel to be out. In the 1980' a small number of bookstores like Hatchards in London issued a private edition called " All in a Day's Work ". Thompson Derek was raised in London and began to write novels as a teenager.

One year later in the USA, he went back to London and then to the West. In 2008 he composed a commission for The Guardian and in 2009 he joined the free written work. He has made a number of feature films in both UK and US publications and can be found on-line.

He began his passion for movie noise and mystery stories with The Big Sleep and has never forsaken him. A large part of his fiction contains fiction of deaths, losses or mysteries. Parker was bred and grew up in South East London (Camberwell and Peckham). When he graduated in SUNY Oswego with a major in philosophical studies, he concentrated on his work.

She graduated in English from St. Andrew's University and relocated to London, where she held a number of positions for ten years. She is passionate about literacy and hiking in Scotland and the Lake District. Emme Cross's St. Bart's Romance Line. I have been watching journalists from all areas of my career for years and I am highly motived by character-based storylines in my fiction.

I wrote my first novel, Food Fight, in 2015. Now, with the first in a show with DI Sam Clayton, I' ve turned to crime fiction with murders on the marsh. Tickler has authored three detective fiction in and around Oxford. The Oxford Times commended him for the realism of his Oxford ("He has a marvelous ability to create geographic backdrops for his fictitious characters") and for the tempo of his tales ("deliciously exciting and fiercely unpredictable" - Oxford Today).

He' recently had two scripts turned into comedies. If he cannot solve the case, the cops can frame him for the crime, or the true killer can take him out of the game. Mullen struggles for his own lives and in an exciting ending he unveils mysteries. You' ll love Angela Marsons, Colin Dexter, Ruth Rendell or Mark Billingham, this captivating crime novelist.

After spending most of my time in and around NYC, I know the gravelly roads of the town I am writing about well and have first-hand information about the local crime scene through my ancestors. I' ve written several tales of mysterious and criminal items that have been praised by bestsellers around the globe and have previously worked as a journalist in economics.

Born in the north-east of England, I travelled with my prospective spouse Ann after my studies. And I own a boatshop on Vaal Dam and my heart could not be more serene. Some years ago my woman let a pretty big loudspeaker fall on my face and the concept for a number of crime stories came to me.

If I don't write, I spent my free day cruising Vaal Dam, trying to play my own electronic guitars, and trying to keep up with my future teens girl. Beginning to write brief story-telling while working as a cabincrew, she opened the multi-award-winning Daisy White's Booktique, an independant bookstore after the newborn.

Since then Daisy has released two YA ranges in the USA, as well as a New Zealand history for younger people. In addition, she has authored a number of anthological and journalistic shorts. He was nominated for the UK International Novel Advertising Contest 2016. Before starting to write, Ken held various functions in the field of environment politics, among others with three federal government bodies in Canada (Federal, Manitoba and Ontario) and as Executive Director of Pollution Probe, one of Canada's leading environment groups.

Known throughout Canada for his work on the environment, he was awarded two honorary degrees from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia. After spending 18 years as a teacher of natural sciences and medical sciences at St. Andrews University, she now uses her expertise to find out how to murder humans (in her books!).

Nadine graduated from St. Andrews University and did her Ph. D. at University College, London. Fortunately, these have proved useful because it tends to be more to typing than to typing, at least in the early phases of review. She and her man live in Scotland, where she writes, walks and walks.

I recently withdrew from lecture and am currently luxurious in the period I have now to complete the Mariner range, in addition to publishing shorts and scientific papers. During my free times I am a script assistant for the Crime Writers Association. It began at the end of the 80s with the creation of theatre pieces and screenplays.

Later she began writing shorts, some of which were released, among them Tiby Fingers, Toes, As Good as New and Pirates and Teddy Bears. There, she got to know her husbands and took up living as a nomad in the U.S. Foreign Service. Their careers have been as diverse as their geographic walks, from sociologist to CEO to publisher of the U.S. Embassy News.

Beginning six years ago with her niece to write together with her nephew enigmas from the mid-range, Eliza has now committed herself to fiction for adults. Currently living in Guatemala City with her twenty-nine-year-old spouse, Eliza enjoys living as an empty nest. They are currently based in the Republic of Georgia and Thailand, but that could be changed in the near future.

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