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As a literary and commercial fiction writer and non-fiction writer, she brings her experience as a former acquisition editor, freelance journalist and author to the agency. As a fiction writer, it represents thrillers, mysteries, literature, advertising, women and history. I hope L.A. Rotten is just the beginning for Jeff Klima.

" Crime fiction lover.

Finding a frahling for your novel

It' hard to believe that because you want to create a mystery or whodunit, you need an asset that stands for them. I' m a detective myself, but my assistant is representing Hilary Mantel and other respected writers, creators of various nationalities. You might think he wasn't the right man to make a brave detective story, but he and his squad were selling my work to European and North American market.

The vast majority nucleotide has an eclectic, diverse taste. This can mean that if you go to a "leading" criminal, you can get a lighter sentence than if you go to an operative whose listing is somewhat overweight in this area - your textbook could be exactly what they are looking for to restore equilibrium.

Review your favorite writers and see who they are. When you and the respective agents randomly sharing a flavor for a particular type of letter, it is a fairly wager that you have some overlaps. Find out who is representing good but less well-known writers in your group. When you' re composing a plot trill and working on Dan Brown's agents, you're almost certainly squandering your precious idle hours as this agent's desktop will be flooded with intricacies.

Everyone representing Dan Brown has probably also raised the standard. When you find gifted writers who haven't made the big hit yet, these agencies are probably far better goals for your submissions. When you still think that you will somehow be discriminated against if you don't have a very well known thriller agent on your side.... think about it:

Well-known thriller agents have long customer listings (with over a hundred names) and you will be the least important one. Well-known thriller agent probably isn't even looking for new authors. The majority of the supplements to their mailing will be already existing authors who move home for some attic.

Many''big'' operatives take on very few real novice writers. As Bill Massey, my Orion based journalist, opened a script by Bill Hamilton (my agent), it made no distinction to him whether Bill Hamilton had an astonishing success story in detective romance. For about half a minutes, the name of the submitter is important.

Then, the journalist begins to study the script and the spy becomes inconsequential. The only thing that counts is your letter. You' ll find information about how to write detective stories and whodunits, or more about the approach to operatives, but one way or the other - good fortune.

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