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Online-Course: Workshop for imaginative typing Are you dreaming of composing poems, shorts or fiction? Have you already written something, but want to find ways to add more creativeness and uniqueness to your work? An imaginative author makes artwork like a painters or sculptors, but with different instruments. The author uses words instead of brush, linen and pigment.

As the artist creates an image that we can see before us, the author conjures up a different kind of magical effect. Using a basic set of characters and sentences - only text that has been scraped on a piece of cardboard or on a computer monitor - the author can produce images and even whole universes in the reader's head.

Writers have many different ways of creatively creating, from the fictional to the poetic to the theatre and the script. Writers can (and should) try as many shapes as they like, or they can specialise in one. Some of the technologies and practice are shared by all types of lettermaking and we will be discussing them here.

We' ll also look at the challenge and technique that make typing in its various shapes so special. In this course you will find a number of excercises that will get your mind - and your hands - in motion.

Online Creation Teaching

Designed specifically to meet the needs and passion of youngsters, the Studio Teen Workshop is part of the popular adult script. It is a funny, supporting room for young folk to investigate phantasy and poetics. On a weekly basis, pupils practise a storytelling style by some of the best authors of our time - Junot Diaz, Brian Turner, Cate Marvin, Niccolo Ammaniti, Tyehimba Jess, Susan Straight, Colson Whitehead, Jamaica Kincaid, Toni Cade Bambera, Sandra Cisneros, Major Jackson, Elizabeth Alexander, Nam Le, Jennifer Egan - and address topics relevant to youngsters.

This is a great way for pupils to practise the basics of telling stories effectively and find their own voices. It is open to authors of all backgrounds and experiences to form a fellowship with those who have common interests. Using Theriters Studio's approach, the student learns how to criticize other authors by concentrating on the technology to make a secure place where everyone can enhance their work.

Pupils have the possibility to participate in a week-long tutor face-to-face conversation where they can find extra help and participate in discussions about literature, arts and poems. It is open to pupils aged 13-18 years with all stages of typing expertise. Encourages the student to study literature, poems and imaginative non-fiction.

There is a class room for all authors, even those with lethenia and other linguistic problems.

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