Creative Writing Weekend

Weekend of creative writing

Weekend of Lettering It was said that "everyone has a self-inflicted book". In an intense creativity week-end Marie Claire has worked with some of our favorite composers to help budding novels make their dream come true. On Saturday, 22 October, the first two days will begin with an inspirational key note session on the write cycle with renowned novelist Lionel Shriver (author of the worldwide bestselling We Need to talk about Kevin) and David Nicholls (author of the bestselling books One Days and Us), before being divided into smaller groups for a number of hands-on sessions.

During the whole week-end there are official occasions for questions and answers and casual luncheons to meet with like-minded people and select the heads of theutors. Award-Winner ( "One Day"), Richard & Judy best-seller ( "Starter for Ten"), BAFTA Award nominees ( "Great Expectations") and now Man Booker Longlisted ("Us") writer David Nicholls was educated as an actress before moving on to the world of literature.

In addition, he has authored the scripts for his own films Starter for Ten (2006) with James McAvoy and One Day (2010) with Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway. The winner of the Orange Award 2005, the best-selling novel We Need to Talk About Kevin, was adopted for a 2011 movie with Tilda Swinton.

It won the BBC National Short Story Award 2014. born in 1974 in Cumbria, Sarah Hall is nominated for almost all the great literature awards, among them the Booker. Raisin is the writer of two novels: In 2017, a new novel, A Natural, will be published, and he is currently working on a novel about Wanting Creatively, This If You Want to be a Great Writer, as part of a serial on contemporary art.

Doughty is the writer of eight books, among them the bestselling Apple Tree Yard, which has been published in twenty-eight different tongues around the world and transformed into a four-part BBC1 serial with Emily Watson. She' s the writer of DoC: DoC: DoC: DoC: DoC: DoC: Dangerous Women:

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