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The novelist Amy Tan digs herself deep into the creative process and looks for clues on how she has developed. You want to fall in love with writing again? All the videos in this post are an antidote to frustration! In this video, a girl named Sydney is reading her diary stories.

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Sometimes we have to fell in love with writing again. You will be thrilled by the following clip. You like that tape of Ira Glass? It can be a frustration, but it can also be fun. You' ve got an invention. Then you try writing it down. Because you can never fully grasp the ideas you had, you sometimes get a feeling of frustration.

All the videos in this article are an antiser to disappointment! Observe her and you will again fell in Love with writing. You can see the tape below from The Hurricane. Finally, below is the astonishing footage of writer Neil Gaiman. Enjoy it! What tape fell in Love with writing again?

Taletelling tutorial (video)

  • What Val says when she says "What happened", tell me a tale. That' s exactly what this season's Pixar in a Box is all about. Making a film here at Pixar lasts years, but it all begins with a storyline. People have been tellin' tales since we could talk, probably before.

Tell tales around a bonfire, create theatre pieces, create fiction and comics. History is powerful because it has the capacity to communicate with others on an emotive plane. This council, one of the things you listen to all the while, is writing what you know. When I was a child, I didn't want to talk about Minnesota. It's dull.

I' m writing about blasts, freaks and pursuits. Now, what that actually means is, yes, writing about creatures and blasts and chases, but put something in it that speaks about your own self, how you are. Some of your own lives will bring this tale to live and not just a dull pursuit.

  • [ Murmurs] - When I began conducting Monsters, Incorporated, it was about a beast scaring children. However, when we were telling the tale as a picture, folks began to get tired and agitated and they said: "I don't know what this is about."

So why are you writing about what you know? When you tell a tale, what you really try to do is get the crowd to feel the same way. It is one of the great revelation for me to tell tales is how much work they really are. Thought you were only gonna tell the tale once, and it would be made.

Well, the reality is that our tales are not always told the first or the second or the third or the forth one, until the age of 30. Only after the tale has been told many, many new tales does it really shine. In this Pixar in a Box campaign, it's about how we at Pixar tell our tales in the hope that it will be inspiring to tell yours.

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