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Writing creatively The biennial programme includes biennial workshop sessions on the following genres: literature, poesy, creative non-fiction, writing for kids, translations, stage plays, radios, television, lyrics and librettos, screenplays, new medias and writing for graphical expression. Creative Writing Programme is a two-year course in the workshop with lessons by teachers who work in a wide range of literature and drama formats.

This course of study results in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing or a JD with another division in which Creative Writing is half of the double major. PRISM International, the oldest literature magazine in West Canada, is editorially home to the best Canadian and international texts and translations of the time.

This is a write-intensive introductory course in the fields of literatures by exploring text in its crucial and theories. Fulfills the first year of the Faculty of Art Writing and Research Needs. For faculty of philosophy only. Attachments are necessary. The CAP course concentrated on writing and literacy, which included writing and an introductory course in academia.

Both the Faculty of Philosophy and the need for literature are credited. Limited to Coordinated Arts Program members. Studying and practising the principals of academic discourses, with multi-disciplinary lectures and an accent on research-based writing workflows. Attachments are necessary. The course is not available for faculty of philosophy undergraduates.

Skills and exercises for writing, designing and writing a script. Manuscripts need not be submitted for approval. Writing skills and practices in various writing styles, which include writing for the fictional, poetic, creative non-fiction, screenplays, stage design, graphical arts, lyrical shapes, children's books and writing for new medias. Manuscripts need not be submitted for approval.

Exercises and skills for designing, evolving and writing for kids and teenagers. Manuscripts need not be submitted for approval. Research and practise in writing for new medias, incl. web sites, gaming and onlinemarketing. Manuscripts need not be submitted for approval.

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