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Composite Writing BA(Hons) | Falmouth University

Be part of an inspirational creative fellowship where you can play with all kinds of writing, experience the audience in the physical and physical worlds, work on life-working projects and see what this means for your own work. At Falmouth, creative writing begins with you as an author and creative executive. You' ll be learning the art of creative writing and how to design, work on and present your work by discovering a variety of styles, shapes and target groups.

You will have the chance to specialize in areas such as poetics, non-fiction, screenplay, fantasy and writing for electronic gaming while at the same time building your capacity to create, pit and participate in defined and agreed upon work. Work on your definitive portfolios, industry-specific assignments and your on-line profiles will help you build the trust and technological capabilities required by the business.

Typically, between 104 and 120 UCAS points are offered for access to Bachelor's degree programs, mainly from qualification equivalents such as A-Level, BTEC Extended Diploma or Foundation Diploma. Requirement for the use of EnglishYou must have a grade of 4 (or C) or higher in GCSE German or another similar foreign languages to participate in our courses.

In our course we consider the whole creative processes, be it the development of the writing habits, group project work, or the preparation of work for submissions and implementation. We' re also promoting the selection of students so you can build the ability to create for a variety of marketplaces, from poems, literature and non-fiction to scripts and more.

You will immerse yourself in the writing world - writing, literacy, brainstorming and learn more about the audience and the context of writing. In the second year you can explore different types of writing, from script to fantasy, as you develop your capacity to create, throw and participate in defined and agreed upon work.

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