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Writing creatively

The degree offers you complete training in professional writing, including proofreading and pitching techniques. The Creative Writing for Business training umbrella is available in various forms. The training is conducted by experienced copywriters.

Creativity in Writing for Business: Training Course

"Brilliant coach" "Productive training, welcoming staff, great lunches and great facilities" "All in all a great days, great teachers, great meals, great surroundings"! "Eating, snacks, general amenities and surroundings. It' s good to have an indoor training" "Everything was great! "and Patsy's incredible!" "Pleasant folks, well-informed teachers, good meals. "The coach was outstanding - and I have many new impulses to contribute to my work.

I' ve profited from being the only customer because we were able to cover many different areas and referenced my work. "and Piers was a terrific instructor. "A pleasant learning environment" "Everything! Marvelous training, thank you." "Some great samples and tutorials - a lot of really useful, handy hints!

" "A good course offering, good expert coaches and a pleasant casual atmosphere " "Great amenities, expert and kind people. "My third course with piers and by far the most pleasant - many interesting and realisable advices, which are conveyed in an entertaining and captivating way. "This is a great hands-on course with various writing assignments.

It was great to be able to share our creative writing and reading with our colleagues. "Patsy was a very passionate, skilled and competent teacher. The venue was great, superb amenities, the dining was great." It was a really good dinner. Thank te nur sanwiches erwartet, aber es war viel besser Vielen Dank" "Loved it, really nice way of integration explanations with exercises" "so organized and friends".

"She knows a great deal and gave me great tools."

Creative writing made to measure | Guardian Masterclasses

It takes a lot of alone writing, the development of concepts and the processing of innumerable designs. However, even the most gifted scriptwriters need instruction from case to case - and no one is in a better position to give you advice than those who were there themselves. Teached by award-winning scriptwriters and publishers, our creative writing classes can give you the skill and self-assurance to complete and publish your work.

If you write literature or non-fiction, our expert help you with every single one. We offer a range of modules that can be customized to suit the needs and skills of any group. Guardian Masterclasses has years of working with some of the best authors and publishers in the game.

No matter whether you need instructions for designing your books or how to advise publishing houses, we can design a course to help you out. Irrespective of your objective, we can provide a hands-on and supporting course to help you develop your literature skills.

Classes can be held anywhere in the world at a place suitable for you. Register here to get interesting and useful Masterclasses customized training materials.

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