Creative Writing Topics for Grade 4

Writing for the 4th class

Access writing from all angles with fourth grade prompts and composition worksheets. 4th grade writing prompts for the seasons: Class 3-4: The Writing Prompts Workbook: Story-Starter for magazines, tasks. I used it with my seventh-graders at school. Every box contains 120 durable 4" x 6" cards in 6 categories:

You may use them under a Creative Commons license.

You may use them under a Creative Commons license. Think of a football rolling all the way to your foot. Consider a really popular pop/rock actor and then describe what your bath room looks like. Think about it. Your grandmother has a little mystery. Now, tell me what the mystery is and how amazed you are.

Think of throwing an arrow on a mural. While you play in your backyard, introduce yourself, a weird, faint kid waves at you. Suppose a Leo just came into your home. Browse a photo and tell a tale about the humans in it. Tell about someone who has these four objects: a glass sphere, a small, yapping hound, a small jar of chocolate medicines and a scarlet hair.

Utilize all elements in your history. Describe a very fashionable and very noisy mom who is taking her boy to buy clothing. Just think, a true faerie just got back from a costume fare. If so, please tell us about it and surprise your friend and your familiy with what an authority you have become.

Think of a very odd planetary system. So you describe the very odd folks who are there. So what makes a good mate? Remember your favorite filmstar and picture what he's doing. Just think of an older man coming to your grade for a whole weekend â?" describe what he would do and what you could teach each other.

And if the whole thing ended in an lesson, what would you want to do? Describe something you can do that most of your buddies can't - like a particular aptitude. If you had to appear on a TV show, what would you do and why?

You and your best buddy sleep in a big top in the forest. Describe what you see and what happens next. Explain what a good lover of yours really enjoys eating, what you really like. Act like you're a magician, but nobody else knows. When you could be a spirit for a whole days, you' re writing about what you would do.

Pretending to be an eagle and describing your tag. Then, open it and type a short text describing something you DO NOT recall. Send a fake note to someone you no longer see and update them about your own world. You describe a place or a place you find weird. Think of baking a mystery pie.

Describe what the pie can do.

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