Creative Writing Short Stories

Writing short stories creatively

Writing short stories, writing. An example of creative writing of short stories. A short story at Missouri State University-Springfield.

Write Stories - 11th to 17th August 2018

Get to know the basics of typing and turn your own idea into a story. Build your ability to find and work with an idea to make a story perfect; whether it' in the form of lightning or advertising, this course will bring you nearer to the author. She has been featured in scholarly and journal publications, such as the Aesthetica Creation Committee's Annual and Bristol Shorts Story Prize, and Litro, and has been shortlisted for the Pushcart Prize.

A graduate of Kingston University's High School of Visual Arts, she won the 2017 ESPRiT Prize for her work and is a tutor for Surrey Adult Learning.

Short Story Editing | National Extension College

At the end of this entertaining course you will have a much better understanding of how to write a brief history and communicate your thoughts with skills and self-assurance. You should plan about 60 hrs of studies plus extra working times. It is recommended that your computer uses one of the following OS and browser to enhance the use of learn@nec:

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