Creative Writing Short Courses Online

Writing Short Courses Online

Getting Started Learn creative writing, freelance writing, business writing and blogging. The courses start on a specific date, with an online tutor and other classmates learning at the same time. First writing school on the Internet. And we were the first to teach writing on the Internet.

Creative Writing Online Short Courses

From the very first moment, this completely hands-on yet inspiring experience will get you writing and drastically enhance the qualities of your writing and your sense of personality evolution and storyline structures. FIRST week: Discover how you can use the strength of your fantasy - the real fountain of your creative powers.

Weeks Two: Investigate what keeps you from achieving your creative writing skills and how to generate emotions in your writing by using stones with significant details to bring your character to live and write. WEDNESDAY 3: Get a hands-on insight into how to evolve and take your character on an emotive and mental quest for transformation through classical storylines.

WeEKFour:: You will be held responsible, motivating and inspiring as you work through the online material and complete the most important lesson of each meeting. The advantage of the online course is that you can work at your own speed. Every time of the year you will do special everyday activities to put the skills and skills you learn into action.

After you have done the tutorials, you will publish them on your Writers' Board, our uniquely engaging interactivity forums. Every weeks your instructor will give you a weekly review of two parts of your letter. Not only do you get feedbacks from your tutors, but you can also learn to give and get specific feedbacks from other authors.

That encourages your creative thinking and develops your writing. Writing per minute takes only 10-15 min. per workday. In this way you will have the enjoyment of regularly drawing on your creative powers and working to make your writing dream come true. The entire learning lifecycle, from lecturing, writing your tutorials, input and subsequent publication on the Writers' Board to giving your comments, can take about 45-60 min per lesson, five days a week. 45-60 mins. per year.

Use of the provided instruments and skills, combined with hands-on writing tutorials and specific feed-back, will bring your writing a giant step forward in the four-week period.

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