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List of scholarships for the academic major Creative Writing. Writing students have access to a variety of scholarships designed for writing. Check out our full list of writing scholarships & apply today! Find out more about the Creative Writing scholarship. Demande de bourse d'études en écriture créative Étudiants permanents - Demande de bourse d'études en écriture créative.

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Grant for Creative Writing in Birkbeck - Birkbeck, University of London

At Birkbeck University of London, a fully financed fellowship was established for a prospective author to improve his or her abilities. In October, the first Kid de Waal grant is introduced at the Birkbeck Department of English and Humanities. Founded and financed by award-winning UK author Kite de Waal, the grant also included a large travelling grant that allows the students to study in London and Waterstones' coupons that allow them to buy book on the bookmarks.

Students and shortlists are selected by a committee of senior writers, frahlings and members of the Birkbeck Creative Writing Team as well as members of the London Writer Development Agency, Spread The Word. Asked about the reasons for this distinction, Kit de Waal said: The scholarship holder is asked to prove his or her funding state.

This scholarship will grant a full tuition waiver to home/EU undergraduates for a 7,950 pound applicant and will contain a scholarship touring. Birkbeck MA does not presuppose a first-time graduation. Getting the application for the K. de Waal Scholarship: Together with completing the application forms, candidates must send 5,000 words of their letter together with a written declaration of no more than 1,000.

The application deadline for the KI de Waal Scholarship is 10 November 2015, Monday 15 February 2016. He has appeared in various publications (Fish Prize 2011 & 2012;'The Sea in Birmingham' 2013;'Final Chapter 2013' and'An Ulysses of the Midlands 2015') and on 4 Readings station.

At the Costa Short Story Prize 2014 she was second with "The Old Man & The Suit", second at the Bath Short Story Prize 2014 with "The Beautiful Thing" and second at the Bare Fiction Flash Fiction Prize. It won the Leeds Literary Prize 2014 and the Bridport Flash Fiction Prize 2014 and 2015.

In addition, the scholarship holder chosen will be awarded 1000 (donated anonymously) for a new notebook. You are entitled to a free evaluation of the script through literary advice of up to 15,000 words. Spread the Word professional development planning.

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