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All inclusive writers' retreats and courses in a beautiful mansion in rural Dorset, not far from the sea. Do you dream of a writing getaway? Take part in a writers' retreat in Europe. Be inspired by other writers in Venice, Prague, Tuscany and France. Achieve the creative potential to be playful.

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ouise Dean. Louise is a supporting and enlightening instructor and her teaching is full of enthusiam, know-how and years of practice. Enjoy the power of an inspiring writing coachings that considers the writing environment. Cheerful, disrespectful and reassuring, Louise Dean has a great love for assisting authors to take form quickly.

Find out what authors say about their lessons below and on our testonials page. Benefit from detailed help in individual lessons and take your writing to a whole new standard with their unparalleled learning method on the Full English Full Coaching course.

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Released or unreleased, you' ll experience the river in your own room and your own times by embarking on a creative writing retreat. It' all in one place. Maybe you've been working on a piece of fiction or a piece of literature and you just need the right surroundings to finish it, or you just think you've got a history inside you that''s ready to be made.

This creative writing holiday can provide classes on starting or developing your writing skills, or just a calm room with someone who knows what you need and the opportunity to type your own music. There are often available extra services such as massages and yoga that can be booked to help you during the creative time.

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