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Being a freelance writer, I write fiction, poetry and humour. Take a look at my online portfolio. Not if that voice is boring - be creative! How does the overview describe a "work portfolio"? Letter of intent & Portfolio.

English Department | Creative Writing Portfolio Guidelines

Students who graduate with a B.A. in Creative Writing should be able to demonstrate: Aptitude for writing well-worked and convincing works of literature of value in fiction or poetic form. Understands technical terminology and concept and has the capacity to express how these facets of craftsmanship add to the literature, aesthetics or emotions of a text.

The capacity to insulate and tamper with handicraft when writing and reworking a history, an essays and/or a poet. The capacity to recognize and analyse the way in which authors act within, on the margins or in reaction to their own narratives, precursors, genres and historic-tradition. Understand the main objectives and results that the English main subject is required to achieve, in particular the basic textual skills of UK and US lit.

As part of our efforts to evaluate how the department has achieved these results, all Creative Writing students must provide a complete portfolio to the teacher at the end of the 400-step course. For a complete portfolio you need not only your best work from the 400-level course, but also from your 200 and 300-level work.

It is a necessary part of all 400-level classes and must be submitted before a mark is awarded. This portfolio is evaluated by teachers who teach the workshop and the director of the undergraduate programs to determine to what extent the department achieves the results cited. However, please be aware that your 400-tier trainer may change these portfolio specifications and/or ask for extra instruction.

When you want to get your folder material back, please enter the originals and one (1) copy - the department will keep the originals and you can get it back as soon as it is marked according to your teacher's instructions. If you do not submit a portfolio that meets these requirements, you will not receive a mark for your 400-level course.

These are the minimal requirements: You should present all folders in a 2-pocket-file.

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