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British Brooks lives in Philadelphia and received her BA in English and Creative Writing from Penn State University. Begin studying Creative Writing Notes. Articles about creative writing written by Notes Magazine. The language used to define creative writing. Comments on the "art of creative writing" by Lajos Egri.

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While this section contains notes for most lectures, they are not available for each of them. Please also take into account the measured values, as many of the notes refer to them. Literary writing for fiction students. It is one of over 2,200 OCW classes. You will find material on this course on the pages listed on the links on the left.

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British Brooks is a Philadelphia native with a BA in English and Creative Writing from Penn State University. Usually she tells imaginary, gambling and sci-fi tales that concentrate on women's roles and prospects. If she doesn't write, Britny works at Phililly Skirt College and speaks about her pet, videogames, writing and coffe.

You can read Britny's tale "Indian Drills" at From the Fallout Shelter. A graduate of the University of Virginia, she works in the law section of a business group. She is Shauna-Maria Andolina and graduated from Penn State University. In addition to coaches, she focuses on writing new poems to enrich her work.

ick Gregorio is a Philadelphian teacher and author. Mr. Bishop has a BA in English Literature and an M.Ed from Chestnut Hill College. Crack the Spine named his history "Embracing Skeletons" for the Pushcart Prize 2015 and published it in ZeitHaus and Corvus Review. In addition, he is author and editorial secretary for the art and cultural blogs Spectrum Cultural and currently works as a literary journalist for Driftwood Press.

The Hero Complex of Nick in Pantheon Magazine. She is an Edwardian born in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, where she teaches England and is living with her man, a lecturer in the field of agronomy. In 2001, she received her MLA from the University of Pennsylvania and is a fellowship recipient of the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project. Their work was recently published in The Broadkill Review, The North Penn Reporter.

DiFranco is a Philadelphia native and holds a B.S. in Philadelphia from Temple University. He' s teaching high scholastic tunes and french. He has published his work in Crack the Spine and Fiction at Work. See Daniel's tale "For Neither Can We Carry" at Crack the Spine. She is the author and journalist of a Chester County charterschool.

In addition, she is a visiting lecturer at Eastern University. Kimberly's tale "By The Rivery" at Olentangy Review. David DiCicco is in love with his family and his family and sometimes writes brief tales in the loft of his house on Canal Street in Yardley, Pa. He' s a fan of words and small pets and doesn't object to teaching English or advising a small pupil-led literature-journal.

He is the writer of So My Mother, She in the Clouds and other hypertrophic press series. He has been short-listed for Pushcart, Best of the Net and Best Indie Lit New England and has been published in Superstition Review, Psychopomp and Giq.

In the Neshaminy High English Department, he is teaching creative writing. See Chris' tale "Going to Buffalo a Kill" at Intellectual Refuge. The biggest and most terrible achievement of all is her daily work - teaching English and social studies in her hometown of Philadelphia. Corinne's brief history "Life Inside a Cannon Ball.

She is a certified cardiac transplant specialist at Temple University Hospital. She was featured in Philly Rust Belt Randing, the Philly Film 2 and won the City Paper Competition in 2013. Rose stayed her first year at Lancaster University in England and took the regular rail to Wordsworth's Dove Cottage.

Their work has been featured in Rabbit Hill Studio, Stirring, Snakeskin and other works. She has written in The Thorn Literary Journal, Perspectives Literary Journal, Adanna Literary Journal, Delta Woman Magazine, Eunoia Review, Winter Legends and has a brief history in an Anthologie called The Way of the Woof:

She is not after her four kids or teaches at Montgomery County Community College, writing literature or travelling with her husbands. Mr. Sprandio is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and holds a BA in English from Chestnut Hill College. She' s always liked making someone smile and she tries to do so in her writing.

If she doesn't write about unpleasant things, you can find her create genuine ones or hang out with her bobble. Kate used to write her tale, "A Text-Message. And Zachary Woodard is living outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He' often complains about writing, playing and doing comics on Twitter. The Shrike" by Zachary in Plasma Frequency Magazine.

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