Creative Writing Module

Module for creative writing

The module introduces students to some of the most important technical and imaginative skills needed to write successful poems and short stories. Creative Writing Guide (EAS1031), module descriptions - English ModuleTerm 2 duration: 11-week; This module will introduce you to some of the most important skill sets and ideas you need to write effective poetry and shorts. In the context of creative literacy, drawing, discussing and rewriting, the student is invited to create a series of creative answers to presentations and writing workhops.

This module explores a variety of literature and technologies used by modern poetry and feature film scriptwriters, explored by the student as role model for their own creative writing.

Allied Courses

Small, tailor-made and personal, our creative writing course will get you writing from the first day on and make you feel like a "real" pen-pamper. The book was written and conducted by Professor Kirsty Gunn, an award-winning global novelist who has written translations and released his work in many countries around the globe.

During the course of your program, we can ensure that your writing is prolific, intellectual inspiring and extremely creative. Learn more about the creative writing world at the University of Dundee. You will also have the chance to attend specialized courses with renowned writers and sights of particular interest to creative students - in the past, the D'Arcy Thomson Museum and the Scottish Poetry Library.

The course is complemented by an yearly literature festival, regularly and diversified literature parlours, poem writing studios, lectures by international and more... While with us, you are welcome to attend our post-graduate meeting and join our post-graduate fellowship.

There is a periodical post-graduate panel, guest lecturers and an annually post-graduate meeting. In addition, you can take advantage of a number of Generic Skills courses throughout the year. The evaluation of the research-led module is usually done by an article (2,000-2,500 words or 2,500-3,000 words). Thesis or creative manuscripts have a maximum of 15,000 words and contain a reflecting script (3,000 words).

Every student must try the thesis. Undergraduates whose doctoral thesis does not meet the examiners' requirements will receive the PG diploma if the courses have been successfully concluded. In the first two terms (September to December and January to April) the following courses must be taken:

The ex-pupils remain part of our creative literacy fellowship in Dundee even after they finish their degree - because as much as we believe in getting the people involved as fully and creative as possible while they are with us, we don't want to see them leave!

That alone makes our program unmistakable and unique and the opposite of a large, anonym grade college. As a rule, a 2:1 honorary diploma is required of undergraduates. Candidates should send in a creative writing part - a poetry or a brief passage of fiction (no more than three pages).

A description of the creative projects can be attached to the bid. If you have not yet fulfilled the linguistic prerequisites for entering a course of studies directly, they should help you to get ready to do so. Register via the free website of UCAS Postgraduate.

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