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ctavius is a student literary magazine in Scotland. The idea came to me when I got my BFA in Creative Writing. Everyone new to creative writing will inevitably come across the Holy Trinity of author magazines. The new online literature magazine Crossways now accepts poems and short stories. "A yearly online multimedia magazine welcomes writings dealing with psychosocial issues, pollution of mind, heart, body and nature.

Favourite magazines for authors

We' ve recently published some of our favourite literature on the arts and crafts of writing. We now turn to eight magazines and literature magazines, all of which provide regular information and inspirations. Poets & Worlders is an award-winning journal for creative authors of all kinds, with detailed descriptions, essay articles and more.

Your website will add boards, events schedules, and a broad array of ressources - from a small press standalone press base to week-long write requests. It'?s our favourite feature: Poets & Writers Scholarships & Awards section provides a list of open applications for scholarship programmes, poetic awards, writing scholarships and more. The new, purely electronic journal has a singular focus: the relation between finance, writing and living.

It'?s our favourite feature: WD has a 90-year track record and is known to anyone who is serious about writing and publication. There is something for everyone, whether you write novels, memoirs or freelances, and the items are usually fast and easy to digest. It'?s our favourite feature: To the essayist among us, an edition of Creative Nonfiction is like two magazines in one.

Every edition combines the high-quality writing of a sophisticated literature magazine with current essays that can help authors to success. It'?s our favourite feature: Since 1979 this time-honored magazine has been publishing a true Who's Who of important authors, from Martin Amis to Tobias Wolff. It'?s our favourite feature: The Review, another of New York City' s most popular magazines, is not in Paris, but on the New York literature world.

However, it has a worldwide scope, with a notable 60-year story that contains some of the first performances of many literature hero. The pages are full of poetic and fictional stories that offer a wealth of surprising and pleasurable experiences. It'?s our favourite feature: "This is a continuous quest for a new way of thinking," says The Society of Film. The Society's "The Society of Artists", an on-going quest to interview the world's greatest authors, all of whom are stored on the magazine's website.

Though it adheres to a default magazine-size, it has the same disrespectful ghost as McSweeney's. It'?s our favourite feature: The Radio Silence has already won a prestige pushcart award for small media excellency and presents hot lyrics from top notables. It'?s our favourite feature: There is a half-yearly printed newsletter, a free online newsletter, additional sound files and even a series of life music.

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