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Imaginative writing set

With the Word Creativity Kit, the goal is to encourage children to play with words and language as they learn to become the writers of tomorrow! She is a spirited companion and lively muse for the writing life. Purchase a Creative Writer's Kit at Creative Writing Kit de Waal Scholarship.

Writer Kit de Waal finances a scholarship for creative writing at Birkbeck University of London.

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World Creativity Kit - The Creative Writing Tools for Children Review

This is a funny application to awaken creative fantasies and write poetry and story. With the Word Creative Kit, the aim is to empower kids to use words and speech as they grow to become tomorrow's authors! We like how pupils can trigger the creative processes with a choice of random words.

You have 7 different words to select from and a combined number of more than 4500 words. While we like the app's interaction between the typed text and the graphic designs (adding background and labels, etc.), we found some of the menus somewhat insensitive. Pupils can then mix and match as many words as they like and include their own words.

They will be able to create their own creative books and share them with others by decorating their creations with different wallpapers and labels. Built on the refrigerator magnetic kits you can buy to write poems and tales - each magnetic device contains a single words and almost endless ways to rearrange them in different ways.

When used as an application, this has many benefits over the natural magnet, while preserving the appeal and creative power of the initial notion. It' quite simple to setup and use - first select a workbook, it's like a notepad where many pages can be saved and viewed later.

When used in a class-room setting, this is a particularly useful tool, which means that each pupil can have their own textbook to keep their work in. When you have selected a work you want to work in, you can customize the name and sleeve and then start working on a page.

Every new page can be filled with words randomly or with words selected by the sender. You can choose words at random from a wide range of topics, which is a good place to start for some creative work. After selecting the words, each of the words on the page will appear on a single "magnet" that can be dragged and dropped.

You can customize the look of the page with different colors, labels, bordures and so on. These are all designed to make the application interesting for kids who want to be creative. In order to increase the pedagogical benefit, there are also ways to click on each of the words to get to different types of words - for example, to make substantives multiple and to synchronize different version of the verb.

This is not only useful for making meaningful phrases, but can also be used as a learning point if a unit has been properly designed around these items. While there are many ways to incorporate this into your classroom, with some consideration it could also be used in other areas of the syllabus, such as writing on historical subjects, global themes or PSHE.

It balances educational value and fun for kids. The Word Creativity Kit is a creative writing application for the poet and writer of the new age. Word Creativity Kit is not only a high-performance creative writing utility, but also expands your lexicon and learns English language skills for people of all age.

Therefore, it can be useful for both mother tongue learners and those who learn it as a third party to teach and train them. It' s all about creating, having a good time and sharing your creation with your loved ones if you like.

Ability to write your own words as well as get extra words at random out of a more than 4500-word base. You can use your creations as poems, jokes or stories, or you can use them as inspirations for a bigger projects like an entire film.

However, it's not just the words that make the Word Creative Kit so funny. Customize colours, background and font. It is also possible to embellish and embellish your creations with labels from a wide range of collections. Each member of the familiy can have their own creative textbook with a customizable look, name and inscription.

Your own creative work is stored in your own creative workbook and you can have as many as you like. 7 vocabularies. Include your own user-defined words, as well as the name of your relatives or public holiday. Magnetic colour changes. Decorate with labels. Resizing and manipulating words and labels with pinching and panning gesture.

Store your creations in the Photos Gallery or e-mail them to your loved ones. Now, educators and students can get an idea of how to use this application in the classroom or how to get inspiration for creative writing.

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