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Award-winning written communication, creative writing/copying. I am looking for creative writing interns summer jobs. Receive the right Creative Writing intern summer job with company evaluations and salaries. Cambia Creative Studio is looking for a talented, motivated intern with strong communication skills. An internship gives you the opportunity to explore one of the many areas of creative writing.

Imaging Creative Writing Internships Abroad

Internship in Dublin! Trainees working in museum and gallery environments have the possibility to work in different environments: Historical Libraries * Historical Libraries * Curatorial Information * Educational Services * Preservation * Management * Guest Services * Special Sessions * Selling and Acquisition Trainees take part in the current work of a certain division, completing a certain part of a major one.

Trainees with..... No matter whether you want to work for a news paper or a well-known broadcaster, begin a succesful way towards publishing with the Connect-123 internships in Dublin. Trainee. Design Internships is the only specialised placement company in the apparel sector to offer vibrant forward internships in the heart of the apparel world. London!

In collaboration with over 2,000 industry-leading brand names, retail outlets, design, label and PR/event firms, our programmes offer highly motivating college and university alumni the chance to..... Improve your CV, progress in your studies, and broaden your horizon through this combined programme of studies and internships abroad in London, England!

The programme provides the best of studying abroad in summers with classes in subjects such as literary, media, art & architecture, Shakespeare and international business. In addition, you will gather valuable work experiences through an internship..... Situated in Sydney and with a 12-day research tour, this eight-week Boston University programme gives college and university graduates the chance to write and read both creative and proffesional itineraries.

This buzzing town has an excellent atmosphere, a well established network and accessible internships in the town. The boarding school is ideally located to benefit from a variety of activities, communal assistance, lively conversation and a secure home away from home. The location of South Africa at the south tip of Africa has brought about a variety of life styles and surroundings, from the high Drakensberg mountains to the Cape vineyards.

Southafrica leads the way in Africa's policies and is considered to be an inspirational country for other states. South Africa is the'Rainbow Nation' with eleven official dialects and a multitude of faiths..... - Research and find interesting, fun contents- Create compelling contents for features, blog, stories as well as popular culture to attract and excite audiences- Publish contents in all popular channels- Help create EDM (Direct E-Mail Marketing) in Mandarin - Work with ticketing and customer support professionals to ensure and carry out interviewing actors and coaches?

Are you considering an intern in China? let us help you gather work experiences, improve your abilities and get a China Intern Program for you. Please note: As we provide internships internationally, our US internships are not available to US citizens. You are advised to visit our other travel locations (London, Canada, China, Europe, Australia or Latin America).

Lately called South Africa's most enterprising town, Cape Town is the ideal place for a seasonal work experience! IES Internships guarantees you an unsalaried traineeship of up to 40 lessons per week in a company or organisation that meets your careers. Hongkong is known throughout the world as the place where the West and the East come together.

This, together with the fact that a large part of the Asiatic business is dependent on its finance markets, made Hong Kong a favourite target for internships. Internships in Hong Kong promote your careers and careers and bring you into touch with a multicultural setting that is both.....

Work in the South African press is the chance of a life for every media/communication students! Southafrika is home to a very proactive and frank press that is taking its part as the "fourth power" very seriously. Throughout apartheid, the regime routine censorship of the press if it included sympathy for the anti-apartheid group.

In the whole town there are countless museum and gallery, so that you have plenty of opportunities to find out more about it. Living/studying, studying and discover everything the New Zealand capitol has to offers you! Massley University combines college and college graduates with a vibrant academic environment and a broad range of disciplines available for studying abroad.

Studying on the Massey University in Wellington.....

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