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The website is home to all kinds of creative writing. Alpha Writers. Twenty Facebook groups for authors you don't want to miss

If you are a freelance journalist, a bloogger, a fiction artist or anything in between, we could all use a little companionship on the sometimes solitary path known as the writing world. For whatever reasons, Facebook groups can be a great way for authors to get together, give suggestions, share experiences and find new ways.

To know that there are other human beings who "understand" how it is to be a novelist can be a great consolation, and the opportunity to exchange experiences and advice with others at all levels of the writing trip is inestimable. So, we asked the authors to find out which Facebook groups they couldn't possibly exist without.

We' d be sloppy if we didn't tell you about our own Facebook group! Authors of all skill level can join their battles and victories, ask each other mutual question, and assist and motivate the fellowship throughout the writing process. Going one stage further in your jump into the world of writing and considering a local independence way of writing (one of the many advantages of writing), this group is a great source to learn more about it, to find advices and suggestions and to get help from those who also live their own nomads.

A larger community of independent writers and self-publishers (with a special emphasis on fiction), this group is a great place to seek counsel, make complaints and find lesser-known write. Its only disadvantage is that it is so large that it can be difficult to join with individuals.

The Writer's Unite! This group allows self-promotion only in administrators create thread and has a fairly stable group of presenters who keep spam and troll at bay. This group is open to all types of indies. As well as Pat's trip, the reader has the opportunity to ask a question, exchange their own suggestions and experience, and get feed back on similar activities they are working on.

It' a great place for Blogger to socialize, exchange information and find new audiences by advertising their own blog. One more group full of advices, ressources and blogger assistance, this group restricts self-promotion to Mondays, which will help ensure that your feedback is not saturated. Founded in 2009, the group has more than 10,000 members worldwide and annually produces three publications.

If you are a traditonal, self-published or independent writer, this group is a great source of information, assistance or just "a slap in the arse to get you going," as one TWL readership noted. If you write photo albums or YA-romances, this group is a place where you can get in contact with emerging novelists, publishers and supporters of children's literature.

Exchange hints, post the latest business messages, find new writers and post your own projects (on a separate forum that keeps everyone else out of the group's feed). When you are looking less for a participative writing adventure and more for a writing resource, this group is a funny message resource for the latest deeds in the writing community.

Joining the club gives you not just limited membership of the Facebook group, but also many other benefits such as focused jobs and options, appearances and press coverage, Q&As and tweets on a regular basis. If you are a novice looking for guidance or an incumbent professional looking to advance it, this is a great place to study from other authors, but also from authors, distributors, agents and more.

One of the sentences on the group' s emblem shows that you need "lizard skin" to be an activist in this group. Did you ever take part in the National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo)? With more than 26,000 members, this group can help you through the challenges by providing assistance, advice and sensitivity as you typing, typing and finding your way to 50,000 words in 30-day.

Don't look any further than this group that was taken to you by the website of the same name that was voted one of the 101 best websites for authors by Writer's Digest in 2016. Advertise-free and around fellowship and motivations, this group provides plagued authors with inspirational attributes like Tuesday "Buddy Days" (if you find critics and betah readers) and Wednesday #AuthorHappiness-Chats (where members are celebrating their week' successes).

Led by Alexa Williams Meisler, blogs etter and podcast writer at Break Into Traveller Writing, the group's aim is to "provide a place where you can interact with others who are interested in entering the world of travelling or taking your travels to a higher level". The group has come up several time in our discussion with authors and is also very recommendable, but at a cost of $197 per quater, it can't be for everyone.

However, this charge includes much more than just accessing the Facebook group; you can also take part in face-to-face meetings with authors, Google+ hangouts, monthly check-ins, face-to-face meetings with Dave Ursillo, the company's creator, and the opportunity to take part in the Literati blogs and books series. Did you find a home with other groups of authors on Facebook?

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