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To search for our Spark Young Writers' groups, please click here. Groups of writers & literary societies. The Pembroke Dock Creative Writers' Group. This is an online group for authors to exchange ideas and work. Receive support, feedback and motivation from others who have a passion for writing.

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We' re a small group of passionate writing amateurs who come together each month in an informative environment to exchange information, exchange views and work on our creative writing work. No matter if it' s a question of publishing a book of essays, poems, drama, literature, non-fiction, or.... Everyone, from beginner to author, exchanges experience, inspiration and works for criticism and assistance.

It is led by an expert instructor and is open to all, from the authors to those who have not yet started. The Angus Writers' Circle gathers every first and third Wednesday of the months at 7.30 pm at the Rosely Hotel, Forfar Road, Arbroath, Angus DD11 3RB. We' re a welcoming crowd with different background, training, interests and abilities, all aimed at the same thing:... We get together every third Saturday of the new year.

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This is a listing of writing groups meeting in the West Midlands area. Group name, where they are meeting, how often they are meeting, name of the person and contacts. To search for our Spark Young Writers' groups, please click here. If they' re gonna meet: For more information, please call Suzan at dramansome[at]

If they' re gonna meet: If they' re gonna meet: Each second Thursday of the following months, 19.30 - 21.00. If they' re gonna meet: On a Tuesday night once a months. If they' re gonna meet: Every first Tuesday of the months at 8 pm. The Drayton Writers is a small, welcoming, constructivist group with a wide range of creative writing interests. Why don't you come with us if you ever thought you had a novel, a novel, a novel, a poem in you?

If they' re gonna meet: Between 10 and 12 every Thursday. Debate, review and play fancy poems. If they' re gonna meet: Each 2 Thursday of the months 19.00 - 21.00 - 2 per meeting, 5 pounds per year submarines. If they' re gonna meet: The third Monday of every months at 7pm. 2 submarines per meeting, with teas and beans.

This group will hold a well-organised get-together to assist and motivate all kinds of authors, whether you are writing literature, facts, poems, texts, theatre pieces, screenplays and so on. Contacts: They read and criticise the work, talk about publishers and marketers, exchange information about selling, contests and writing materials in general. Its members compose literature and non-fiction (books, journals and brochures), poems and weblogs.

By 2015, the group will focus on the most popular classic works, and will also be writing and narrating spiritual stories and offering sporadic walks to provide inspiration. You are also working with Polly Wright of the Hearth Theatre and Writing Group and MIND in a Read and World for Wellbeing project.

Fees: 15 per year, prorated or 2 per fortnight.

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