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There are many online groups where you can create or join a creative writing group. Official writing forums of Writer's Beat. Write your stories, share some feedback, read the e-zine, become part of the writing community! To have others read and comment on your work, try this forum. Weekly interactive creative writing project.

Twenty inspirational panels for creative authors - is a huge on-line writing resource for authors of all skill and genregroups. Every free subscription contains an on-line writing service, e-mail service and various writing utilities. Writer's Digest Forum - Like the Writer's Digest website, the Writer's Digest Forum offers a plethora of resource for authors who want to refine their work.

This free writing forum has several forums dedicated to writing and writing forums. It allows the user to talk about writing, get to know like-minded individuals and have their work checked. - This expanding writing fellowship is holding regular writing competitions and provides a place for creative authors to debate their work and be criticised by other authors.

Next Big Writer - The Next Big Writer offers a forum for creative non-fictionists, belletrists and poet of all nationalities. You can join a writing group or join the forum alone. MyLegendFire - LegendFire is an on-line fellowship for creative artists who want to collaborate, get feedbacks and get in touch with other people.

NunoWriMo - This writing forum was designed for authors who would like to take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.) Authors can find rejected storylines, help with writing issues and support from other creative authors. The About. com forum is a place to talk about writing, work sharing, writing hints and publication counsel.

Glutton - Book Glutton is a one-of-a-kind site for reader and writer who want to delve into the fictional, debate different types of author and find other characters who like to read and write. OkayPoetry - EveryPoetry is the biggest and most proactive forum for poesy in the game. They organise regular competitions and enable poems to be published on-line and receive feedbacks from other composers.

We are an interactive forum for poet and non-fiction authors. Fellows can talk about their writing life, get to know other authors, find out about scholarships and competitions, and explore meetings and retrain. Poets. org - This forum of the Academy of African Poets welcome poet of all degrees.

It allows the user to talk about poesy, exchange work, find prompt for writing and view a list of forthcoming poetic activities. Each Poet's poetry free-for-all - This forum is part of the Fellowship, part of Poesie Workshops. Poems can be posted and reviews can be received from other members. It has nearly 40.000 Mitglieder - The Poet Sanctuary - The Poet Sanctuary hat fast 40.000 Mitglieder.

This forum appreciates all types of poem and criticism of construction. SCREENWRITE FORUM - Linked to the SCREENWRITE Goldmine website, this free forum houses tonnes of discussion about everything from writing a screenplay to the sale of an end game. INDIEDIETalk - IndIndieTalk is a beloved filmmaker fellowship that is welcoming scriptwriters and independents at all tiers.

The Write-Brothers Inc. has created this little forum for scriptwriters. a scriptwriting development firm. Intelligent Forum - The forum at Intelligent Forum. net is ideal for authors who like to work with the game. They welcome discussion about literacy, writing, plotting, characterisation and much more.

The WritersNet Literary Agent Forums - The Literary Agent Forum at WritersNet is the place for authors who want to find out more about WritersNet literary agent and get comment.

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