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Astonishing editing and correction tools for creative authors. Wish they'd taught creative writing in college. The writing software also makes editing easier and faster. Cutting-edge editing and proofreading tools editing software, editing your writing ninjaessays - even if you do your best to edit the creative content. When it comes to creative thinking, computer programs are simply not as clever as we humans are.

is the best grammatical examiner, stylesheet and editing tools in one bundle.

Extraordinary writing is more than just the right kind of writing. You' ll need an editing utility that also emphasizes stylistic questions and matches your writing to the best authors in your field. Thousands of styles enhancements are proposed by our software so you can easily perform your editing. Please send us a neat, error-free letter.

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master writers 3. The 0 for Creative Writing and Non-Fiction combines words, rhetoric, concept, analogy, story, religious and popular art into the most notable, creative and useful sentence of writing instruments ever compiled to put words on pen. This is one of the most efficient software ever designed for the creative author and anyone who needs the best words for what he wants to say.

Ideally suited for authors of all types - from fiction and comic books to journalist, marketers, lawyers and ministers (there is even a fully researchable Bible), as well as entertainment and speaking professionals - MasterWriter will guide you into a new realm of words and inspiration. MasterWriter will be an inestimable instrument in a global market where the good is seldom good enough to help the creative author achieve the extraordinary.

MasterWriter's powerful functions, along with an astonishing number of references, give the creative author everything he needs in one easy-to-use application. MasterWriter has all of the following (and much more!) included in the MasterWriter, in additon to the full text editing and sound recordings sections: It is a one-of-a-kind and groundbreaking encyclopedia that opens up a new universe of opportunities for words and notions.

For example, if the author is looking for another way to describe a warm sunny day, the apparent decisions could be flaming, blistered, flaming or aching. Wordfamilies will contain all this, but they will take it to a more creative plane by implying an enraged or punitive one.

An extensive set of words with different filtering, allowing the creative author to be more particular by choosing for Moderate or Intensive, Positive or Negative and the part of the language you want to use. This is a pop culture dictionary with over 11,000 American and world culture symbols. It also contains the whole Bible, fully browsable and in full contexts, which increases its value as a source of inspiration for ecclesiastical writing, especially useful for priests and other devotees.

  • Click here for a screen shot of the Pop-Culture Dictionary index. This is the definitive rhyming dictionary with over 100,000 words, 36,000 rhyming phrases and the most complete Close rhyme book ever made. We also include some of the expressions from our pop culture dictionary. Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary. And, to catch every creative thought of MasterWriter, it also includes large text editing stretches and an audiotape section, making MasterWriter the most useful writing utility you will ever use.
  • View the text and note demonstrations that let you write everything from texts and speech to story and article and more. MasterWriter is used by renowned authors, scriptwriters and editors such as Bob Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, A Christmas Carol, etc.), William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist, The Ninth Configuration, etc.), Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Collateral Damage, The Guardian, etc.).

Some of the most popular song writers - whose livelihood (and fame) depends on their ability to find and combine the right words - are perhaps the most popular MasterWriter practitioners. Grammy award winners such as Gwen Stefani, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Clint Black, Kenny Loggins, Jimmy Webb, Carole Bayer Sager, Lamont Dozier and David Foster as well as Rob Thomas, Nikki Sixx (by Motley Crue),

"In July 2003 I began using MasterWriter. Creatives are infamous for being disorganised. We use a terminology that is intimate and trusted in our everyday conversations and writing. When you' re looking for the right words, a MasterWriter quick find will give you all the options, and from this abundant resource of words to describe, you'll find new and colourful ways to draw images of words.

Master Writer is an infinite resource of idea and an priceless resource during the creative world. His most important part, however, can be the subsequent stimulation, when it comes to expressing oneself better or describing oneself more creatively, the distinction between good and great can be. Writer's Software SuperCenter is the oldest website on the web dedicated to the sale of software for authors.

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